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Comment: Well this kinda explains it (Score 1) 63

by soilheart (#33705260) Attached to: Bloomberg Reports Facebook Building Android Smartphones

I think this very well explain why the Facebook Android App is so bad.

It auto loads images whether you want it or not and all notifications link to the homepage.

(Not to speak of the "always keep phone awake draining battery"-bug that the last version suffered from).

Comment: Re:The gap is permanent (Score 2, Insightful) 185

by soilheart (#32625976) Attached to: Struggling To Bridge the Casual-Hardcore Game Gap
I think you are right.
Especially talking about the controls.

As somebody said in an article, the gamers today have been slowly brought up with more and more buttons and controls:
NES had 2 Buttons => SNES which had 6 buttons => Playstation 8 buttons (and later analogue joysticks with two "buttons") and so on.
I mean I had some trouble to use two buttons when I was small, but going directly for 8? Half impossible if you ask me...

Comment: Wasted and wasted (Score 5, Interesting) 232

by soilheart (#32547578) Attached to: Why Video Calling Is a Wasted Feature In the UK
We've had this feature in Sweden for years now. It was one of these new "cool" features when we got our 3G networks.
So in the beginning some people used it for the novelty factor, but nowadays it's mostly used by friends who are bored and have nothing else to do than video chat =P.

BUT. I guess a lot of people with problems hearing still use and love this feature. And as a lot of phones have this built in and the networks support the feature, I wouldn't say it's "wasted".
It may not be used by the masses, but the most people using it really like and need the feature, and AFAIK there is no large expenses for the carriers/phone manufacturers. So it's not "wasted" as much as "only really usable by a few".

Comment: Re:Video (Score 1) 1671

by soilheart (#31745160) Attached to: Wikileaks Releases Video of Journalist Killings
Depends on what you call MAJOR.
Most of of the large newspapers in Sweden has picked up the story (all in Swedish of course):
Some, like the last one even has it as the first news on their main page. The same page also says that the article are taken from TT the largest Swedish news agency.

Most articles also mention that the video was classified by the US Military. Of course some articles contain the bullshit from the US Military spokesperson.

Comment: Re:Flashcards (Score 1) 237

by soilheart (#31554754) Attached to: Memorizing Language / Spelling Techniques?
Yeah, flashcards is great. Write the character on one side, the English on top on the other side and the pinyin (pronunciation) on the bottom of the other side. Keep your thumb over the pinyin and learn it from English to pinyin/character. Usually you learn the other way around too, if not then just turn the card and try to translate/say the characters.

Also "since there is no relation between sound and shape of the characters" is absolutely wrong...
I have studied Chinese for 3 years and nowadays if I can't read a character I just guess the sound is similar to similar characters and more often than not you actually succeed in some way. The radical of the character tells you what the word is about, the other part may sometimes give you a good clue about pronunciation.

Comment: Re:Yawn (Score 1) 149

by soilheart (#31163978) Attached to: Quality Concerns For Kingston microSD Cards
Well. Officially there is only Class 6 so far, that's true.
But as Class 6 is a pretty old classification stating the lowest write speed there are today faster cards than that.

For example: I am currently using a "Sandisk Extreme 30 MB/s-edition" in my camera which Sandisk calls "Class 10" (and has been shown to perform at 20 MB/s in some cameras and card readers). But "officially" it's only a Class 6 card, as there is no official Class (from the SD standards) above Class 6.

So it's true that Class 6 is the "highest-lowest speed" class right now, promising speeds from 6 MB/s and up, but the highest speeds go up to 20 MB/s nowadays.

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