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Comment: Legality (Score 2, Insightful) 122

by sodafox (#32651238) Attached to: Preserving Virtual Worlds
I'm not a laywer, but as long as corporations keep their software patents and copyrights enforced, this will be a difficult task. It may take hundreds of hours of research and hard work to develop a virtualisation or emulation platform, but if Nintendo or Sony don't like the idea, then they can legally stop you, regardless of your motives.

Comment: Unsecured wireless? (Score 1) 123

by sodafox (#31714094) Attached to: Navy Wants Cyber Weapons That Shoot Data Beams
It sounds to me like some Navy chief forgot to secure his home wifi access point, and someone leeched his Internet service or grabbed files from his Windows shares. "If these cyber-crooks are smart enough to hack my internets over the wireless, then maybe we can use some of Uncle Sam's loyal boys to do the same to those darn commies!"

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