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Comment: Re:Domestic war (Score 1) 148

by sociocapitalist (#48873583) Attached to: Paris Terror Spurs Plan For Military Zones Around Nuclear Plants

Breaking up ghettos is very difficult if for no other reason than the people that live there want to live together.

France already has active policies to try and avoid such ghettos to start with, where new developments are obliged to provide a percentage of low income housing as a part of their project. The idea being to spread immigrants and other poor amongst wealthier native communities.

So long as the percentage of immigrants is low, this works. When it gets too high in a concentrated area, then we have a ghetto again just in a different place. The higher the percentage, the less integration.

Current immigration policy is far too open. Once one single person in a family gets papers, often by measures such as buying a spouse for the reason or, more common in my experience, tricking westerners into getting married (including trying to get pregnant by the westerner while they're there on holiday, for example - had that tried on me twice), then the rest of the family gets papers, and then more family and more family and more family, etc.

Islam needs to come forward through a renaissance age but it's not happening.

I'm not sure what perspective you propose to give people who blame us for anything that's wrong in their lives, whether it's our fault or not.

Where do you draw the line? Today it's our right to free speech, what follows? Our women having to be veiled? Our girls not having the right to go to school?

Comment: Re:Robotic warfare (Score 2) 208

by sociocapitalist (#48864333) Attached to: US Army Wants Weapon To Destroy Drone Swarms

No doubt, these drones will be more and more automatic, where commands from their human controllers become more and more abstract. Maybe now they're being flown like an RC aircraft, soon it'll be "go to this location, launch bomb to hit that location", or "fly search patterns in this area and shoot anything that doesn't respond to your coded signals out of the sky".

And so, step by step, we enter the era of robotic warfare. No matter how often the various militaries and politicians pledge that this will not happen.

Neil Stephenson brought this idea right down to nano level in The Diamond Age

Comment: Re:Domestic war (Score 1) 148

by sociocapitalist (#48864277) Attached to: Paris Terror Spurs Plan For Military Zones Around Nuclear Plants

There is no F******G war going on. 20 people where killed, 17 by terrorists. We have a problem with equality and participation and integration in Europe. However, we are not on war with a part of our own population. And while 17 dead people is horrible, we have more dead people in traffic related accidents 3250 per year or smoke or germs in hospitals everyday. So get that in perspective. Yes we have to address terrorism. We have to do this with police work and social work and a good integration strategy which does not put immigrants in ghettos and throw away the keys.

What is happening here in France and elsewhere in Europe and the UK is a reflection and direct result of the wars that we are engaged with elsewhere in the world.

To look at one aspect without taking into account the other would be an error.

You can have whatever integration strategy you want but when the percentage of immigrants comes close to or exceeds the percentage of non-immigrants in a given area, integration becomes impossible and reverse-integration becomes expected.

We are at war and it is a war of cultures, sometimes fought with bullets and soon to be fought with votes.

Comment: Re:No one 3D printed a house (Score 2) 98

by sociocapitalist (#48850243) Attached to: Shanghai Company 3D Prints 6-Story Apartment Building and Villa

Fair enough assessment. However I'd like to see you frame a house, sheet it, roof it, drywall it, put siding on, trim it, for under $4800.

For that price, I don't necessarily think this is just "mindless hype".

It might be interesting to know what $4800 USD is actually worth there in China, adjusted for 'cost of' doing whatever in China vs. the cost of doing it in the US, and making your comparison with that.

Comment: Re:its a drug bust (Score 1) 129

by sociocapitalist (#48818603) Attached to: US Government Lurked On Silk Road For Over a Year

For everyone who is about to object: what do you think a drug bust looks like? They posed as drugs consumers/dealers and busted the parties buying/selling. This seems like what my taxpayer dollars should go towards: stomping out illegal activity where it is prevalent.

Surely catching big white collar crime and corrupt politicians should be prioritized over small quantity drug issues.

But of course stomping out truly significant criminal activity is beyond the scope or capabilities of the LEOs that work for those same corrupt politicians, who in turn are owned by those big white collar criminals.

Comment: Re:In the name of Allah ! (Score 1) 1350

by sociocapitalist (#48763555) Attached to: Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 7 At French Magazine HQ

They bombed the London Tube for Allah

They bombed the Madrid train station for Allah

They crashed planes into the World Trade Center at NYC and at the Pentagon for Allah

A film director was murdered in the Netherlands for Allah

Hostages had been killed in Sydney for Allah

And now, at least 12 person have been cold-bloodedly slaughtered, in Paris, for Allah

In the name of "Allah", who will be the next victim ?

A woman police officer in Paris this morning, Paris time:

Not directly related but I'd be surprised if this wasn't also done in the name of Allah.

Comment: Re:I think the thing being missed here (Score 1) 300

by sociocapitalist (#48744039) Attached to: Why We're Not Going To See Sub-orbital Airliners

I think the thing being missed here is that people are in a hurry. If I can fly a 747 from Seattle to Japan and the flight takes 14 hours, I would pay more to be able to do it in 7.

Would you pay ten times more? That's the kind of factor you'd be looking at for that kind of speedup.

The way things are going, with the rich getting richer, CEOs that live like kings, etc, there is already a class of people who would pay ten times more if they wanted to make the trip in a hurry.

How many of them would bother is another question.

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