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Comment: hmmm (Score 1) 137

Kind of have to wonder Microsoft et al have other motives (than protecting users) for not wanting the US to be able to get at data stored overseas.

If the US gubberment can get user data stored overseas, it could then perhaps expect to get corporate tax related data stored overseas.

Comment: Re:How far will it go? (Score 1) 191

by sociocapitalist (#48610507) Attached to: Jaguar and Land Rover Just Created Transparent Pillars For Cars

ok, so he can take comfort that he can blame a piece of metal for the accident rather than taking personal responsibility. if i had a car with a big honking A pillar, I would tilt my head a little to make sure there were no cars (or people) there before proceeding.

He does take responsibility for it jerky - I am saying that the A frame can get in the way of visibility.

Comment: Re:Traffic Furniture (Score 1) 596

by sociocapitalist (#48608071) Attached to: Waze Causing Anger Among LA Residents

Yes, this works extremely well in Berkeley too. There are neighborhoods on both sides of Ashby (hwy 13) and along various other routes, but the streets are relatively quiet because traffic furniture either prevents entry from Ashby or directs the flow such that there's no point using them for the commute. And they don't inconvenience the residents either. For a resident or for local travel, entering and exiting only adds a few seconds. For a commuter, trying to use residential streets just doesn't work.

The barriers seem to be favored over speed bumps. Over the years the speed bumps have been made softer (15 mph bumps now instead of 5 or 10 mph bumps), and are generally concentrated only in areas that simply cannot be blocked off for fire and other safety reasons.


None of which is noted by Waze or other GPS apps that are going to direct people through your streets just the same.

Comment: Re:Zoning laws are tyranny (Score 1) 596

by sociocapitalist (#48607795) Attached to: Waze Causing Anger Among LA Residents

Zoning laws prevent you from doing what you want with your property... They are evil ...

Yes, because every individual's property is an island unto itself and totally disconnected from the properties and community around it. People should be able to do anything they want on/with their own property because, you know, fuck everyone else. /sarcasm



Comment: Re:Sympton of a bigger problem (Score 1) 596

by sociocapitalist (#48607787) Attached to: Waze Causing Anger Among LA Residents

App or no app, traffic in cities and suburbs is something that is going to need to be dealt with somehow. Cities like Boston or New York at least have a workable public transit system to keep some cars off the roads. LA is totally different -- it was built around cars and is only now getting a very small set of public transit choices. Buses do nothing when they're stuck in the same traffic everyone else is. Whenever I go to California for work (either northern or southern,) it amazes me how much people put up with to live there. I would go nuts spending 2 hours doing a 10 mile trip each direction every day.

Some trends are encouraging from a traffic perspective, but maybe not from a demographic one. Younger people aren't buying suburban houses and having big families the way they used to, so it's possible cities will become denser like they are in Europe. The big thing that has to stop, especially in mid-size cities, is the suburban sprawl. The ability to expand for miles in every direction directly contributes to messy traffic problems. Urban planners need to look into reclaiming hollowed-out cities and first ring suburbs, and getting people to move back into them.

Add dedicated bus lanes and dedicated bike lanes and motivate people to stop being so fucking lazy.

Comment: Re:How far will it go? (Score 2) 191

by sociocapitalist (#48607729) Attached to: Jaguar and Land Rover Just Created Transparent Pillars For Cars

+1 insightful. People aren't running over pedestrians due to nefarious overly-wide A pillars; they're running over pedestrians because they're not paying attention and are talking on their phones and are more concerned with looking for a break in traffic so they can gun it through the intersection so they just run over people. it's ultimately because people are selfish. that's why when I'm a pedestrian I carry a "deterrent".

No - I work with someone who is very serious about life and work and he recently had a significant (his car totaled) accident at an intersection because the car arriving from his right was hidden by the right front A-pillar until they were too close for him to stop.

In this country (France), if there are no signs to the contrary one must yield to traffic coming from the right. Regardless of how idiotic this may be, it is the law here and my colleague was held to be responsible for the accident.

Comment: Re:Fucking Hell, Harper needs to go! (Score 1) 122

by sociocapitalist (#48600695) Attached to: Canada Waives Own Rules, Helps Microsoft Avoid US Visa Problems

When people get their panties in a twist about how much "wealth" the Walton family has it just shows they don't understand what wealth is.

Their "wealth" is paper. They could be worth X millions one day and X - a butt load of money the next. It has no impact on how much they can spend at lunch or whether they get the premium cable package or the standard. It's not cash. They'd have to sell or take out loans against their shares if they wanted to go buy a Private Jet or something like that.

So the fact they are worth a few billion in paper doesn't diminish your pay check at all.

Cash is also 'paper' and wealth doesn't need to be cash anyway.

That being said, they probably also have more cash on hand than the lower half of Americans combined as well.

Comment: Re:Sounds like they should ban the cabbies (Score 2) 295

by sociocapitalist (#48600039) Attached to: French Cabbies Say They'll Block Paris Roads On Monday Over Uber

That's what they would do if they had a functioning police department or legal system in France, but they haven't had that for many years. You might remember that they had a plague of thugs setting cars on fire a year or so ago, and the cops didn't even try to arrest any of them.


2888 people arrested over the 20 nights:

Comment: Re:Sounds like they should ban the cabbies (Score 1) 295

by sociocapitalist (#48600015) Attached to: French Cabbies Say They'll Block Paris Roads On Monday Over Uber

It is like you don't even know France... Obstructing traffic is against the law, but also a thing that happens routinely as a part of demonstations. Usually it is farmers though.

The reason it is common, is that the French government routinely caves in to the demands of whomever throws the biggest tantrum, and the French voters routinely support the appeasement. In America, causing disruption and chaos is the best way to lose public sympathy for your cause. In France it is the best way to get it.

You mean like this?
"Paris bans UberPOP as taxi drivers stage protest"

Comment: Re:Tech angle? (Score 1) 879

by sociocapitalist (#48599941) Attached to: Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

I know that sometimes on Slashdot, we get 'stuff that matters,' but can't we at least talk about the police drones involved in the situation? Or even that Uber is reportedly charging users a minimum $100 to get out of Sydney CBD. At least attempt to make it seem relevant please?

Uber is probably going to be irrelevant before long as they're being banned in more an more countries. France just announced that Uber will be banned starting in the new year.

Comment: Re:SONY breaking the law (yet again) (Score 1) 190

The interesting thing is that, if they are using outsourced servers strategically located in Asia to avoid the long arm of the law, that people should be able attack those same servers and do pretty much anything they want to them without fear of consequences. Being beyond the law is a double edged sword, and I personally would not bet against all the hackers on the Internet in that fight...

Yes Japan and Singapore are so well known for being lawless.

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