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Comment Re:Ecin = 1/2mv^2 (Score 1) 178

"Answer: a lot less than a drunken typical-weight in a car colliding head on into an oncoming car in the car lane."
  - it's also a lot less than a big truck so while very well written, your point is irrelevant.

"- the oncoming bike actually collide."
Yes, that is the assumption otherwise we wouldn't be talking about it :-)

"- the drunken biker is on the bike in the first place."
Also yes, otherwise it doesn't count towards 'riding drunk'

"You can also use the bike as a walking frame if you're that much fucked up"
Well, yes and that's fine. We are talking about drunk people riding here. I don't understand why you continue to mention anything other than drunk people riding bikes as that is the discussion.

"Whereas death by drunken cyclist are so seldom here around (Europe) that they aren't considered a real problem."
In comparison, sure. The same could be said of the number of children that are crushed by out of control skiers coming down the mountain. A relatively low number - but still a problem to be avoided and not ignored.

"I literally haven't heard of dead drunken cyclist around where I live"
20 percnet of bicyclists killed had blood alcohol concentrations of 0.08 g/dL or higher.

"bicycle accident tend to be a lot less deadly"
Less deadly is not not deadly.

"which is the case in North European cities with a decent network of bike lanes"
I live in Paris which has a decent network of bike lanes but no, it is generally not the case as the bike lanes are often not separated from the road.

"- taxi can cost a lot,"
Which is why I said " if you can't afford the taxi then don't get drunk."

Walking your bike when you're drunk is perfectly acceptable.

Comment Re:Simple, no malice from Lenovo (Score 1, Insightful) 163

When Windows auto-updates go horribly wrong, almost all users blame the h/w vendor, not Microsoft. So Lenovo uses this BIOS trick to protect their reputation. Why is this being depicted as malicious behaviour?

Do you work for Lenovo or are you just stoned?

This has nothing to do with protecting their reputation. This is a "We are installing really nasty spyware on your computer that you don't want and if you try and do a clean install we're going to install it again anyway".

I will never buy a Lenovo product, nor recommend one to any of my clients.

Comment Re:High-frequency trading=respctable insider tradi (Score 1) 113

Reacting quicker to publicly released information is not illegal, no matter how much you personally hate high frequency trading - just because you ensure you have an advantage in the speed of reaction over other people doesn't make it insider trading. Lets say that HFT is banned, reacting to releases before other traders can still net you a huge advantage, even if you are only allowed one trade a second or minute. Its that first trade (either sale or purchase) at current market prices which can make your profit.

So HFT is banned, releases are via email or direct notification and all trades have to be manually entered - how quickly does the press release reach your inbox, how quickly can you type, what if your email or notification server is backlogged, how quickly can someone scan a release for the relevant details (should I buy or sell?), and how quickly can you enter those details into the system.

There are always ways to shave time off of reactions, no matter what approach you take.

The difference being barriers to entry. If anyone could set up in a market colo and trade then it would be a level playing field. As it is, you have trading houses that have the licenses and so can HFT and everyone else is locked out.

No such barriers to entry exist for the other information release mechanisms that you list.

Comment Re:The stock market (Score 1) 113

high frequency trading isn't investing. in fact anything after the initial sale of the stock by the business is no longer investing in the company. it is just trading.

After the initial IPO the only way a company directly benefits from stock is when they go to borrow money. all those regulations and headaches just means you are giving away pieces of your company to people who want to strip mine the cash reserves, liquidate the assets and move on.

however with a good cash flow a business doesn't need that equity, and can get loans as needed. So why do they need to risk losing their business?

It's a question of quantity of money. If you need a few thousand dollars, your plan is good. If you want to compete against already existing big companies or very/extremely rich people you're going to have trouble as they have millions to use that you don't (i.e. R&D, infrastructure, marketing, salaries, etc). Good luck getting a ten million dollar (or whatever) loan from a bank that would let you compete.

Even with great cash flow a non-market financed business is going to start more slowly and grow more slowly than a market financed business, as the market financed business can get huge amounts of money very quickly during the IPO (or subsequent issue).

Investor confidence also plays into this - the more confidence people have, the more they're willing to buy your stock for, the more money you have to do whatever you want (vertical or horizontal expansion, buy out the competition, etc.).

Once your company is big enough (read 'low risk enough') then you can sell bonds which are the loans that you might be thinking of. They're also traded of course so that doesn't change much against stocks.

As far as control, and how to keep it, there are different ways. You can hold on to 51 or more percent of the voting stock and/or issue stock that doesn't have voting rights.

Comment Re: The 2000lbs cages are the problem (Score 2) 178

Gotta love the anti alcohol crowd around here. Or does MADD have paid shill posters now since they're a prohibitionist group these days?

Sure I'm so anti-alcohol that I probably still have enough in my bloodstream now from last night to fail a test.

I am, however, against drinking and driving anything off your own private property.

No one had to pay me to post my own opinion. You don't like it - too bad for you. Deal with it.

Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 168

"Saudi Arabia general manager Majed Abukhater says that while his office doesn’t keep precise gender data, observation and anecdotal evidence suggest that 70% to 90% of Saudi Uber riders are women."

This article is a pro-Uber bunch of marketing bullshit. Uber isn't changing anything for women in Saudi.

Comment Re:Prepare Three Envelopes (Score 1) 235

It is a sad joke when it actually represents how formulaic business management has become
Blame predecessor and cronies
Build wall of well-paid sycophants
Receive bonus
Blame organization
Receive bonus
Blame employees
Receive bonus
Rinse and Repeat at next company

Could add 'sell proprietary technology to highest bidder (China cough)' to make huge short term profits with lasting negative impact that the CEO will never see

Comment Re: Yeah 22 seconds? (Score 1) 664

Except this drone was neither violating the law nor common sense.

Slavery was legal and many educated people of the time would no doubt have argued that it was common sense to own slaves.

There should be a law about flying drones over non-public property, or property that you don't own or have right of use of. Just because the politicians haven't got around to making one doesn't mean it shouldn't exist.

Comment Re:Yeah 22 seconds? (Score 1) 664

obviously you have no clue about the rest of the story.

his daughters saw it flying around the neighborhood, he went and grabbed his gun and WAITED for it to be above his property. and yeah it was above his property for 22 seconds. it was flying for a while before that... your vision isn't limited by your property lines, and it only hovered above his property for 22 seconds but was flying for a while before that. This guy is obviously paranoid... and took a shoot first ask questions later perspective. i'm sure his neighbors appreciate him shooting into the sky at anything that doesn't look normal. I wonder if he'd shoot a humming bird because it hovers for 20 seconds? I wonder what would happen to the stray bird shot that hit the neighbors house. will he pay for any damages or injuries caused by that?

It could be an ISIS humming bird you know..

Do you have any idea what 22 seconds of naked, almost naked or even completely clothed but maybe going to get naked girl next door porn is worth to a teenager?

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