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by sociocapitalist (#46716947) Attached to: New French Law Prohibits After-Hours Work Emails

Ah, so this explains why Silicon Valley is located in France.

Seriously, if someone wants to work crazy hours, why not let them?

I had that phase in my career, and it paid off. I'm in a different phase now. I just choose not to work after hours. If my employer didn't like that, I'd have found a better job by now. Same thing for travel - I used to travel a ton. Now I don't want to, and so I found a place to work with no travel. I'm a grownup, I can take care of myself, thank-you-very-much.

The reason that that you have that choice not to work more hours is because of regulation protecting you.

If you don't believe that then go somewhere in the world where no such regulation exists and see how many jobs there are that let you work 'normal' hours.

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by sociocapitalist (#46668409) Attached to: NASA Halts Non-ISS Work With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

Read the message from Strange Quark Star. He sums it up pretty nice! If you knew people from Crimea you wouldn't argue the results. The people from Crimea have felt oppressed by the Ukrainian system for many years and no hope in sight.

As for the election, there are no impartial observers in this election. The EU, US doesn't want to see Russia expand their land and Russia wants nothing more than an extra port to do business and conduct war from.

I'm not saying the Crimeans don't want to be Russian. I'm saying that the vote cannot be claimed to have been valid.

If you can't find impartial observers, then you can have both sides' observers with plenty of cameras showing real-time video of the goings-on.

The reality, of course, is that the country with the biggest balls is going to come out of this ahead and given that Putin has balls and Obama doesn't...

Guess we'll see what happens if Putin goes after Ukraine itself.

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by sociocapitalist (#46647715) Attached to: NASA Halts Non-ISS Work With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

Is it really more objectionable?

Maybe the news I'm seeing isn't accurate but it appears the majority of people currently "invaded" wants to join Russia. Hope is all those people want and joining a large world force/economy is something that can provide people with a better life. Especially considering that a large percentage of this population is of Russian background.

And how do you prove this?

The voting was not observed by impartial international witnesses and as such, must be called invalid.

I'm all for a real vote - but with impartial observers, not Russia chosen America hating nazis.

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by sociocapitalist (#46647691) Attached to: NASA Halts Non-ISS Work With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

USA invaded Iraq and scared and killed thousands of people. Then it controlled its territory while people of Iraq went to polls to vote. The vote was considered democratic and the results were recognized.

Russia invaded Crimea in a peaceful way and didn't kill anybody. Then it controlled its territory while people of Crimea went to polls to vote. Despite numerous international observers and absence of any concerns from them, US doesn't want to recognize this vote.

Looks like hypocrisy and double-standards.

Russia chose the international observers that were allowed to attend.

"International observers from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) were prevented last week from entering Crimea. Pro-Russian forces fired warning shots in the air as the OSCE convoy approached a checkpoint leading from mainland Ukraine into the peninsula."

Those allowed by Russia to 'observe' are Anti-American far right nazis:
"Concerns have been raised about the objectivity of the international observers and the fact that the Eurasian Observatory for Democracy & Elections (EODE), the election monitoring organization, is a partisan institution, with ties to far-right and neo-nazi groups.[133][134] The mission leader Mateusz Piskorski is a well-known antisemite and admirer of Adolf Hitler,[135] and the EODE leader Luc Michel is an antisemite and neo-Nazi as well."

Russia's actions in Crimea are just as wrong as America's actions in Iraq.

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by sociocapitalist (#46647619) Attached to: NASA Halts Non-ISS Work With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

This. NASA is not a political body and should not act like one.

If an anti-science President gets elected in 2016, will the world refuse to stop working with the USA? If they did, wouldn't we be upset?

Russia didn't refuse to work with the USA when America invaded Iraq, did they?

So scientists who didn't agree with, for example, Hitler's Nazi Germany should have continued to collaborate with German scientists just for the sake of science?

Anyone who doesn't agree should speak up and act out in whatever way they judge best.

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by sociocapitalist (#46623831) Attached to: Contact Lenses With Infrared Vision?

For videogames, what you need is X-ray vision. The ability to see the electric signals in the LCD gril before they hit the actual pixels will give you an advantage of several milliseconds compared to your opponents. The same principle applies to Monster cables' gold-plated, titanium-coated, oxygen-free optical cables which give you pure digital audio, free of data which are not zeros or ones.

Awesome - can I get x-ray hearing too to get that pure sound before it's deformed by the speakers and all the crap in my room?

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by sociocapitalist (#46623791) Attached to: If Ridesharing Is Banned, What About Ride-Trading?

So much for free market economics and competition. I hate it when government goes to lengths like these as competition is good all around.

As long as the new services operate under the same constraints as taxi companies, I see no reason why they should't be allowed to operate since, as you say, that's a free market at work. But they shouldn't get to skip over all of the costs of business that taxi companies absorb -- things like driver background checks, driver training (in some cities), insurance requirements, car maintenance requirements, etc.

Why not?

At the end it's for the customer to decide if they want to take a risk on a rideshare (based on previous feedback perhaps).

No doubt the people making the rules are getting a kickback in some form or another from the existing businesses. Fuck 'em. Vote 'em out.

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On U.S. mobiles phones, interestingly, both sides pay.

On European mobile phones, on the other hand, only the caller pays, but they pay a non-neutral rate, which varies depending on the type of device the recipient has: calling mobile phones is more expensive (in some countries, much more expensive) than calling landlines.

Here in France it's normal to not pay anything beyond a fixed monthly fee to call fixed or mobile lines.

There is a provider here called 'Free' ( who sells mobile service (no subscription required) for 20 euros a month that includes unlimited mobile calls to France, the US, Canada, China and a few other countries - and in the same 20 euros unlimited fixed line calls to 100 countries (no doubt including those already listed). Ah, and 20 gigs of 4G data as well, still in the same 20 euros.

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lol...have you ever heard of FDIC? Consumer protections? None of these things apply to bicoin and never will. My bank can be vaporized out of existence and it wouldn't do shit to me.

Your bank probably got bailed out already and you probably helped pay for it so yes, it does shit to you. Probably not as much as if it failed directly (depending on your bank account balance at the time) but you were not unaffected.

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Yeah, those fools should have definitely given their money to the pros.
You know what, that's too much sarcasm for me to fart out at once. This sounds essentially like the subprime mortgage crisis. And a lot of other banking crises. It doesn't seem totally insane to me to trust your friend Joe in a trailer over the banking industry: when he runs off with my money, at least he might go to jail rather than getting millions in rewards.

As much as people (including me) like to hate on banks, when was the last time you actually lost money? When was the last time you put money in a bank and they "lost" all or part of it? When was the last time you put money in a bank and lost all or part of it because the bank was robbed?

Have you completely forgotten about the recent bank losses and subsequent massive taxpayer theft to bail them out?

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by sociocapitalist (#46446541) Attached to: Meat Makes Our Planet Thirsty

artificial market controls keep the price of meat low, so we consume excess amounts.
as the price rises, consumption will go down and the problem solves itself. meat will turn from main course to side dish real fast.

i never understood the fixation with 100% meat. meatloaf > pure beef. people were hyperventilating online when taco bell announced their "meat" was 40% meat.

So long as there are others elsewhere (Asia in this case) who are willing to pay for the meat or alfalfa or whatever it is, it will continue to be produced even if the locals don't consume it.

Seen more in poor countries producing food that their own people can't eat, it's interesting to see something similar happening to the US - if not to the same degree.

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