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Comment: Re:The light stuff works totally differently (Score 1) 71

by socceroos (#47411509) Attached to: Tractor Beam Created Using Water Waves
When you say that a relatively large scattered field (as compared to the relative momentum of the light beam used) attracts objects - how does a 'scattered field' cause this attraction? I guess I'm trying to determine how a scattered field of light would cause momentum towards the emitter...

Would an electrostatic force be possible in the vacuum of space?

Comment: Re:Love KDE (Score 2) 44

by socceroos (#45743023) Attached to: KDE Releases Applications and Development Platform 4.12
I have a lot of respect for lean programs. I've been building my own hand-coded assembly kernel for the last few years as I have a fascination with lean, mean programming. However, KDE does offer a lot of very useful functionality that is an honest time-saver. I'm an akonadi+nepomuk convert. I also love KIO and Kate.

IMHO, if I was going for lean, I wouldn't be using a GUI anyway. Definitely not for Linux sysadmin tasks!

Comment: Love KDE (Score 2) 44

by socceroos (#45742885) Attached to: KDE Releases Applications and Development Platform 4.12
It has really come along from the 4.0 days. Very stable for me - use it all day, every day at work. Only problem I have is that if you have a auto-hidden panel and a full-screen Citrix app then there is a 10px portion of the screen that is unusable right over the auto-hide hover area.

Other than that - it's awesome. I can't live without Kontact, Dolphin, Okular and Gwenview.

Comment: Re:Schrodinger's grad student (Score 1) 530

by socceroos (#45218559) Attached to: First Experimental Evidence That Time Is an Emergent Quantum Phenomenon
Isn't this flawed? Sorry if I'm way off track, but surely lack of measurement does not conclude non-existence?

Take two completely disconnected observers monitoring the same system. Given the layered nature of observations, one observer (A) sees X and measures Y, but the other observer (B) sees X and W so measures Z. The current definitions I see flying around would suggest that observer A can correctly conclude that W doesn't exist because they measured Y. However, observer B can correctly conclude that W and X exist because they measured Z.

How can we suggest that time doesn't exist outside entangled entities?

Apologies for the Reddit reference, but if you could explain it like I'm 5, then I'd be grateful.

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