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EnOcean Wireless Sensors Don't Need Batteries (Video) 46

Posted by Roblimo
from the almost-like-heinlein's-gramps-schneider-in-magic-inc. dept.
'The EnOcean technology is an energy harvesting wireless technology used primarily in building automation systems; but is also applied to other applications in industry, transportation, logistics and smart homes,' says Wikipedia. There's also a Siemans spinoff company called EnOcean, and today's video is an interview with its president, Jim O'Callaghan. But EnOcean technology is the real star here. The idea is that energy-efficient sensors can be powered by energy harvesting, i.e. drawing energy from their surroundings, including such low-level sources as light, temperature changes, and pressure, which can be the pressure of your finger on a switch or even changes in barometric pressure. The EnOcean Alliance has a professionally-produced video that describes their technology and notes that self-powered wireless sensors not only save energy but save miles of wire between sensor nodes and controllers, which means it's possible to install more sensors sensing more parameters than in the past. (Alternate Video Link)

Comment: Re:They (well some of them) are mental disorders (Score 1) 412

by soccerisgod (#48791509) Attached to: Russia Says Drivers Must Not Have "Sex Disorders" To Get License

It's only a disorder if it has a major negative impact on a person or society.

Well they have a high risk of becoming a murderer (about half of serial killers are homosexuals, which is an overrepresentation of about 1000-2500%) of becoming murdered (by aforementioned killers), of suicide and of sexually transferrable diseases.

[citation needed]

And please, something respectable. Don't waste your time by linking to the 'Family Research Institute' or 'Conservapedia'.


The Search For Starivores, Intelligent Life That Could Eat the Sun 300

Posted by Soulskill
from the it's-life-jim-but-not-as-oh-god-it's-eating-the-sun dept.
sarahnaomi writes: There could be all manner of alien life forms in the universe, from witless bacteria to superintelligent robots. Still, the notion of a starivore — an organism that literally devours stars — may sound a bit crazy, even to a seasoned sci-fi fan. And yet, if such creatures do exist, they're probably lurking in our astronomical data right now.

That's why philosopher Dr. Clement Vidal, who's a researcher at the Free University of Brussels, along with Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology Stephen Dick, futurist John Smart, and nanotech entrepreneur Robert Freitas are soliciting scientific proposals to seek out star-eating life.

Comment: Re:Scare them with China, make it a contest again (Score 2) 287

by soccerisgod (#48744271) Attached to: Should We Be Content With Our Paltry Space Program?
And to what end? What was that line from the Stargate SG1 tv series? Oh, yes:

They said the something about the Apollo program, they brought back moon rocks. You may have noticed we haven't been to the moon in 25 years.

To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing of value on the moon. Instead, it's full of razor sharp rocks and razor sharp dust. Why would anyone want to live there? Just to wave that flag you planted around every day?

Long computations which yield zero are probably all for naught.