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Comment: Re:Should be micro kernel (Score 1) 209

by snowgirl (#49489321) Attached to: Linux Getting Extensive x86 Assembly Code Refresh

That's cheating.

And inside, a modern x86 processor is actually a giant hardware emulation of x86 instructions with a RISC/VLIW core... You call it cheating, and I call it optimizing.

They second you try a cool trick like migrating a thread to another machine...

But this would happen with a macrokernel as well... you can't just magically make networking overhead disappear...

Comment: Re:Google updates (Score 1) 179

by snowgirl (#49467019) Attached to: Google Lollipop Bricking Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 Devices

They can force manufacturers to use unlocked bootloaders if they want the official Google version.

But hardly anyone is running the stock Android anyways. They've all expended on the code, and made it different. Almost no one actually uses the "official Google version" at all...

There's no reason whatsoever why Google can't make the same thing a requirement

But they can't because it's open source software. No one could make all of the Linux Distros use the same official kernel... it's not possible, because it's open source, and you can make it yourself.

and would prefer shipping a version of Android with no Google services

But this is already the case. Amazon and Barnes and Noble do not sell Android devices with Google services on them.

I don't get why people have such a difficult time understanding that Google can't wrangle these cats, because it doesn't have an Iron Fist on the source code...

Comment: Re:Should be micro kernel (Score 0) 209

by snowgirl (#49466977) Attached to: Linux Getting Extensive x86 Assembly Code Refresh

I've never seen a true microkernel that has the performance of a monolithic kernel.

I've never seen a RISC processor that can match the performance of the best CISC processors. You know, nevermind the fact that tons of money has been poured into CISC processors making them faster and faster.

Sometimes, it's just a matter of where the attention has been placed.

Comment: Re:Even worse. (Score 1) 289

Snowden released all of his information to journalists before he left the country.

The President finds that the unrestricted immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States of aliens determined to meet one or more of the criteria in section 1(a) of this order

Snowden is both a resident and a citizen of the US. Yes, we revoked his passport, but we cannot revoke his citizenship without his consent. As a citizen, he cannot be blocked entry into the country. He can be detained indefinitely the second he enters the country, but we can't stop him from returning.

hy block people that contribute or materially represent "certain persons"? Is this to prevent Snowden...

For the last time, THIS EO DOESN'T APPLY TO SNOWDEN. *mumbles mumbles mumbles*

Comment: Re:Clickbait-ish Headline (Score 1) 121

by snowgirl (#49451061) Attached to: Has Google Indexed Your Backup Drive?

If a NAS is doing uPNP on purpose or is acting as a router, then the NAS manufacturer has an obligation to provide appropriate guidance to their users.

INDEED! If they screw that up, it's bad, and they should be the ones holding the responsibility if it accidentally exposes data that they don't want exposed through uPnP... no one else is able to properly infer the right thing to do.

Comment: Re:Cutting edge journalism (Score -1, Flamebait) 179

by snowgirl (#49451035) Attached to: Google Lollipop Bricking Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 Devices

Wait... Google provides your cellphone directly? How did you get on their corporate plan?

Or are you talking about those Nexuses that are provided by a different carrier, and as such that carrier retains the right to do whatever they want to the OSS Android underneath?

You know... because Google can't just go on to the Verizon/T-Mobile/AT&T/Sprint network and update everyone's phone. The provider provides the specific Android build.

And that's why they can't update all the devices at once. Because everyone and their mother can develop their own kernel, and their own Android for their platform.

Now, if everyone just ran AOSP, then Google would be fine to update everyone at the same time.

Comment: Re:Clickbait-ish Headline (Score 5, Insightful) 121

by snowgirl (#49443849) Attached to: Has Google Indexed Your Backup Drive?

yeah, you'll probably deserved get indexed by Google.


But not only that, it's not like Google can infer intent to share the data... you put it out there, and Google said, "hey, this is publically available, obviously people want this to be indexed!"

There's no adequate way to fix this either, because if it's opt-in, then unknowing individuals will fail to opt-in for indexing... if it's opt-out, then unknowing individuals will fail to properly opt-out (robots.txt for example)

If you put up private data publically on the internet then you simply have to accept the fact that no one else could have known that you didn't want to share the data...

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