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Submission + - iPhone 4 loses service when holding it (

snowboardin159 writes: This is a reader video found on Macrumors forums illustrating something weird. When the guy holds the iPhone in his hands, touching the outside antenna band in two places, he drops reception. Placing the phone down gets him 4 bars.

Comment Limewire destroys HDDs (Score -1) 168

Im not sure why people still use limewire, viruses RIAA tracking etc. I remember a time when limewire was filled with junk files that were the beginning of the song and then horrible annoying sounds midway through. Ive also seen a few peoples HDDs completely fail from using limewire, and theres a massive amount of spyware in it, and is really really hard to remove from a system, even from a non noob user.

Comment Good start but... (Score 0) 602

Its too bad that more countries havent adopted the American style of Football, but i'm sure glad theres noone in my family that watches soccer. On topic, theres a MUTE button that works real well on my tv for filtering out annoying sounds, and also soccer is so boring in the first place this just seems like a signal to turn the channel.

Comment Good question! (Score 1) 327

I even took some classes at a tech college to learn programming and whatnot, but the teacher didnt know these kinds of basics. Jumping into in depth problems with a base code already established was not a good way to learn for me, and im sure others might struggle with this too. Please slashdot, hook it up with some good links!

Comment Re:Still kinda dumb (Score 1, Funny) 470

I dont think you read the whole post up there, nuclear fission would not stop until the uranium or plutonium or whathaveyou has completely run its course. Fusion on the other hand would stop if there was a pressure failure, or a heating failure. Thats why we make fission bombs, and cannot possibly ever make a fusion bomb(it just doesnt work that way)

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