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Comment Re:Free alternatives? (Score 1) 90

Some obscure group of dudes that call themselves "Temple of Transgression" and develop an antivirus (ok, ok, only the frontend) in VB6 are fighting hard for not being taken seriously.

Why is TT Livescan written in VB6, instead of another programming language? VB6 is still widely used, just like most other programming languages. In terms of development, VB6 is geared towards rapid GUI development. Combined with the fact that most of our coding is designed to be as efficient as possible, VB6 is the best option. Shortly before 32-bit support is to be phased out for Windows, we will make a new version available. It will most likely be written in Delphi.

And no, I didn't know "VTE Virus Scanner".

Comment Inertia? (Score 1) 414

The last two major releases (7 and 8) have been awful. I think the only reason why Java still gets so much attention is because there's a lot of time and money already invested on Java applications. As a Java developer and FOSS advocate myself, I have to confess that I'm closely following the results of Microsoft flirting with the open source community. I never thought I would say such thing, though.

Comment Forcing application interface binding? (Score 1) 384

Can you run multiple instances of the application? In that case, this (or a similar application) could be helpful. The idea is to make every instance to use a particular interface. I also thought that maybe, if the application can be run using wine, you could lunch multiple instances on a Linux box, each one using a different network configuration, but seems that it's not possible.

Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later. -- F. Brooks, "The Mythical Man-Month"