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Comment Inertia? (Score 1) 414 414

The last two major releases (7 and 8) have been awful. I think the only reason why Java still gets so much attention is because there's a lot of time and money already invested on Java applications. As a Java developer and FOSS advocate myself, I have to confess that I'm closely following the results of Microsoft flirting with the open source community. I never thought I would say such thing, though.

Comment Forcing application interface binding? (Score 1) 384 384

Can you run multiple instances of the application? In that case, this (or a similar application) could be helpful. The idea is to make every instance to use a particular interface. I also thought that maybe, if the application can be run using wine, you could lunch multiple instances on a Linux box, each one using a different network configuration, but seems that it's not possible.

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