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Comment Accidentally Invulnerable (Score 1) 303

My company defeated this accidentally by having WIFI routers on the ceiling & a bunch of laptops on WIFI. Even the printer is WIFI. We don't even have Ethernet ports. Blast the electric outlet and you'll just burn-up the power bricks (we had that once: lightning).

The only data cables are to the displays (when not AirPlay/WiDi). Even the keyboard & mouse is wireless.

Does this mean we've already dealt with the problem?

Comment Re:Universal Apocalyptic truth (Score 1) 1291

The Works Progress Administration was a 1930s government organization that offered employment of last resort for "crazy" jobs like:
- The Hoover Dam
- The National Highway System
- Many government buildings & fairgrounds in use today.
- Art, Music, Theatre, and more

And was shut-down only due to WW2 removing all the unemployed.

I'd say it's preferred to always have work for people to do via the government coming-up with more "crazy" jobs.

Comment Cloud: (Score 1) 66

AWS offer Object Storage for its scalability. Cloud file services sit on-top of that & only accept "complete" uploads.

The only happy medium I know of is which implements POSIX (most of it) atop S3 in the form of a virtual drive. Their Linux client is only for corporate users due to a lack of focus consumer-side, but their Windows & Mac clients offer virtual desktop.

Ref: I work for Bitcasa

Comment Re:What I don't understand... (Score 2) 254

Because it's a copycat of many other things already out there:
- Evernote: Notes everywhere
- Tomboy Notes: Save-on-Keypress desktop sticky notes. Public & Private host backup possible (I use this now, for reminders)
- GNote: Linux-only lightweight Tomboy Notes
- Google Keep: My preferred Android + Browser (Linux) note taker (I use this now to note what I should research later)
- Calendars of all kinds: Want to remember to do something at some time? Just put it at some free time in your calendar!

Comment Re:Stop teaching slicing (Score 3, Interesting) 233

Agreed. Good designers know CSS and at-least try to understand the technologies they're asking to be used.
    - Microsoft & Linux-based small corps I've seen.

If the designers aren't supporting the company's end-product in an effective way, the company should be critical of the designers. And you can't be effective at guiding tech creators if you don't understand the tech.

We no-longer are painting banners and putting them online as websites. We now have transitions to consider, varying screen sizes (not just 3, or just X, but 100s).

Copy-pasting images is worthless. If you really want to teach it, make them do it from JPG, but it'll look like crap in Retina no-matter what. Honestly trash the copy-paste and teach a little Inkscape hacking on SVGs.

Comment When MA supported OOXML (Score 2) 75

I knew the guy who worked on the Microsoft legal team who came up with the idea to use accessibility as a reason that ODF should not be a standard in Massachusetts. Of-course he's since-then been furloughed by Microsoft. So much for selling-out freedom for a little personal security.

ODF doesn't preclude an accessibility-capable editor, and it's a real format (not 90% too big and full of ambiguity like OOXML), and not changing every release.

The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was.