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Comment When MA supported OOXML (Score 2) 75 75

I knew the guy who worked on the Microsoft legal team who came up with the idea to use accessibility as a reason that ODF should not be a standard in Massachusetts. Of-course he's since-then been furloughed by Microsoft. So much for selling-out freedom for a little personal security.

ODF doesn't preclude an accessibility-capable editor, and it's a real format (not 90% too big and full of ambiguity like OOXML), and not changing every release.

Comment Re:Microsoft tried the wrong business model (Score 1) 249 249

Ubuntu & Tizen are also coming & have sold millions.
Now Microsoft is the only one in the market whose software still requires a VM/interpreter since iOS & Android are both compiled. This shows they're behind.

Then it's closed moreso than anyone but Apple (because Apple was first & can still get away with it). I can side-load apps on the other platforms. For Ubuntu & Tizen I get my choice of tech stack (and reuse my existing work). Even Android gives some leniency to other languages now.

Comment They're Great (Score 2) 340 340

I've been trying to get my current employer into using them after having a great time with adjustable standing desks at my last employer. I sat roughly 2 hours a day, but I was regularly up-and-down (about as frequent as people who take breaks regular).
What I don't see here is how well it works for impromptu meetings. You can get a lot more people around modern multi-monitor rigs than before, and there's no thinking about it: suddenly you're presenting to 5 peers in a meeting planned only seconds ago, and everyone is comfortable & can see the screen.

BTW, Ikea has an electronically-adjusted standing desk for $489: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/cata...

Comment Move to App-Server. Try GARMS (Score 1) 175 175

The CGI model used in LAMP meant your front-end could scale indefinitely, but the backend (Database) had to deal with a connection create/teardown on each request, so databases where that was fast are what won that round (MySQL).

Now there's the App-Server model, which has some brittleness when people think they can save state locally, but they can't at scale (when you need more than one box). On the other hand, persistent and reused connections to backend resources mean faster TCP (already-warm). To scale this setup, something consistent is usually necessary (like Redis). The other challenge is auto-scale, which is automatic in PHP/CGI-land, but needs interaction with the app-server to do right in MEAN.

I've done CGI/PHP, MEAN, and now I'm off to GoLang's Gorilla + Angular 1.x (with templates, etc on CDN) + Redis + MySQL + Shared Filestore (SSH), so "GARMS" which gives me easy concurrency (go), consistency (log-ins on Redis), transactions (MySQL), large storage (SSH), and a fast-delivered partial-paint UI (Angular pages on CDN).

Comment Welcome (Score 1) 355 355

Welcome to the vast variety of languages on Linux with the attributes you have. Unfortunately you're still an underperformer in:
- Speed: Plenty of faster-running and faster-compiling (or not compiling) languages to chose from
- Convenience: Python, Perl, Bash, PHP are all lighter-weight, easier setup, & ready-to-go
- License: It matters to the free-software community.
- Self-Competition: Killed D-Lang, Harmed Rust (Co-routines). You've got it (Microsoft CLR runtime) and we all know that's trouble.
- Packaging: Installing Mono-based apps into a non-Mono box are huge.
- Tooling: Experienced devs live here & expect standards. Leave the standards & you've left the community.

So for every purpose there's a better tool (except running code from devs who won't leave Windows). Since devs are leaving faster than ever and universities have all-but-abandoned Windows in CS education, this category is too small to matter. As for legacy software, it'll stay on Windows for fears that it's not as platform-independent as people think (see Java @ 2005), so it's not even an exception.

Comment Re:Wanderlust (Score 1) 637 637

Exactly the problem! We don't even have a concept of a world without unexplored country, where our effects/pollution pervaded everywhere already. So we take more land from animals & look to space. Most of the places remaining without throngs of people are inhospitable in some grave way.

Comment Old Money Power-Play (Score 1) 236 236

Old money's political influence sets-up a going-to-be-exposed collapse which strikes a blow against American ingenuity.
Now every American science, cloud, software, solar, tech, and service industries decrease while the old-money ready-for-disruption pipelines (military, oil, etc) keep flowing.

Comment Can we stop calling this US pressure already? (Score 1) 156 156

There's little a Joe can do to change any of this. It's just because the government I live under has been purchased and is owned by corporations (long before I was born). I buy the most organic produce & neither fund nor profit from any of these actions (and that's the way many people I know are going). But that road's a long one.
I want the EU or someone who hasn't been as bought to start standing-up to these corporations. They bring no profit to your nation, they drain resources, and they poison everything. You don't want to trade with them. If they're so hooked-in to the US that they block other goods, then let them. Maybe then it could be the American Citizens vs the corporations. But bending to their will hurts us all.

Comment Same Diff (Score 1) 276 276

Browser APIs are gaining every advantage of Desktop APIs including APIs that are just landing. But they add to it:
- Instant update.
- progressive download: Download what you use
- Sandbox model: It's safe except the explicit permissions you give.
      -- This one is so essential, Mobile needed it to succeed with local installs. Desktops not having this is a huge step backward.

Desktop needs to gain these to keep up with web (except where they're unnecessary, like IoT). For performance, we've had unused capacity on most devices for a while.

Further, Desktop (all 3) has its own hazards:
- Shared libraries
- Special permissions for installation
- Old libraries based on poor ways of solving a problem
- Living-Dead APIs that shouldn't be used
- Unsafe languages you must interact with to get much of anything done.

Comment Re:Native is here to stay, the web will fail. (Score 1) 276 276

Start-up latency has a web twist: you only download what you need in a well-behaved app. I've seen WebGL games where the textures landed after I walked into a room, sure that's undesirable but it shows that I didn't waste my bandwidth until I needed the resource.

HTML/CSS/JS is a documentation standard which is quite effective for document serialization. WebGL 3D isn't affected by it much.

Privacy is an interesting one. I'm in a company built around the theory people would care about privacy enough to switch in droves, and it didn't happen. Facebook proves that convenience trumps privacy well over 99% of the time. When it does, privacy-oriented cloud services are there with tools that can ensure even they can't read the data they're saving for you (barring an app update, which is true for local too).

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