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+ - Is Apple missing a huge opportunity? 2

Submitted by sn4265
sn4265 (1096991) writes "I'm curious about what other readers think about Apple continuing to embrace their closed platform model. Sure Apple makes a profit on the hardware side and would potentially lose some of this revenue, but what about the upside? I believe the estimate right now is that Apple has about 3% of the desktop OS market with Mac OS X. Microsoft on the other hand dominates this market, and yet Vista the most recent offering from Microsoft has been met with horrible feedback and acceptance in many areas. Wouldn't this be the golden opportunity for Apple to release a version of OS X for general population to buy and installation on commodity PC hardware? I could see Apple easily tripling or more their desktop market share in the first year, and along with users will come even more developers and applications. I know that I would be in line to buy it the day it went on sale."

+ - Windows Scripting for a Unix guy...

Submitted by sn4265
sn4265 (1096991) writes "I'm a diehard Unix/Linux biggot, and happily so. Unfortunately, my new job requires support of literally dozens of Windows servers in addition to the REAL servers. Thankfully most of this work is done by the other members of my team. I have been developing an Intranet site for our organization and company that is basically a system information site for things like hardware information, user account management, and SAN details. This is pretty much a breeze on the Unix side with Perl and shell scripts, but I'm at a loss when it comes to the Windows side of this.

What is the best way to handle this kind of scripting in Windows? Perl on Windows? Windows Scripting? Powershell? Something I haven't even heard of? Are there any "must have" books out there for this?"

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