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Comment: Open-source security is a joke (Score 0) 222

by sn0wflake (#48998803) Attached to: GPG Programmer Werner Koch Is Running Out of Money
Quote: "If there is one nightmare that we fear, then it's the fact that Werner Koch is no longer available," said Enigmail developer Nicolai Josuttis. "It's a shame that he is alone and that he has such a bad financial situation." If it's so open-source then why does it rely on a single person? This reminds me of the Heartbleed bug with underfunded developers. Open-source doesn't mean more security.

+ - Adding disks to RAID 10 array 1

Submitted by sn0wflake
sn0wflake writes: I've used RAID arrays for many years and I'm still baffled why it is impossible to either resize or simply add harddisks to an existing array without having to thrash the entire array and loosing all data. I'm using Windows and Intel RAID controllers, and I prefer RAID 10. What makes it so hard to simply install extra harddisks and tell the system that controls it, like Intel Matrix Storage, to simply add the extra available space? Is it a math problem?

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