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Comment: Second link has little to do with the posted topic (Score 1) 155

Yes it deals with Hen Egg-White protein, but it's about overcoming electrostatic barriers to crystallization. The first article involves a urea compound, the second a more esoteric complexed metal compound (Tellurium(VI)-Centred Polyoxotungstate). It's not a direct reference to the first link.

Comment: (Vorsicht vor den Vögel!) damn birds (Score 4, Interesting) 150

A few university set-ups in Germany tried this, (e.g. Hamburg), albeit probably with far simpler specifications as it was some years ago. They had surprisingly frequent problems with birds; birds perching on the towers, birds flying between the source/sink, uzw. Packet loss got enough at one point to contact a local falconer to see if his bird of prey could scare them away. It turned out that the local bakery was too much of a draw. There was whimsical talk of adding a TCP/IP error for bakery janitorial events. I believe they eventually just went with fiber pulled through the sewers ..ja-da

Comment: Re:He believes in God? (Score 1) 764

by smoothnorman (#48274551) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

Not to get into any way off-topic bible matter here, but even that passage (Romans 1:26:28) is subject to translation discussion. some say the Septuagint didn't know all the 'special' Hebrew/Aramaic words. And then the King James translators from the Latin/Greek applied their own ideas of sexual perversions. that is, it's worth going to a website that has many translations and seeing just how many of them include passages like "burned in lust one toward another" and those which somehow don't find that in the original

for example: God handed them over to degrading passions. Their females exchanged natural relations for unnatural what exactly "unnatural"? many folks think the know what that means, but there's a lot of years in between.

Comment: Re:He believes in God? (Score 3, Interesting) 764

by smoothnorman (#48271197) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

..and it's not even clear to what Paul (the Apostle) is referring to in/around Galatians 5:19-25. He's just telling them to knock it off all that sexual immorality and alcohol consumption. now... knowing the Galatians as well as we do [wink], you can infer some of what was going on, but it's certainly fodder for *endless* biblical debate (as if anymore was needed)

Getting back to Tim Cook's "letter to..." someones and the quote therein: "I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me". ok, probably unfortunate to drag a deity in this; but does this imply that being gifted with non-gayness isn't a gift? i'll leave the sophistry to others.

Comment: soooo..?.. (Score 1) 622

by smoothnorman (#48131487) Attached to: The Correct Response To Photo Hack Victim-Blamers
...don't blame the victim (which is generally a good policy) because their benefit/risk estimation wasn't erroneous? I don't want to blame Jennifer Lawrence (as she seems to want to blame all those cursed with natural interests) but that she would've normally seen a benefit to her actions doesn't seem to directly address blame in any sense. Perhaps this ethical argument requires a simpler "ipso facto" tacked on the end for us stupid folks which are missing the connection between benefit and blame.

Comment: tldr; why is blood the perpetrator's? (Score 2) 135

by smoothnorman (#47845955) Attached to: New DNA Analysis On Old Blood Pegs Aaron Kosminski As Jack the Ripper
it's probably after the link somewhere, but one useful explanation in this summary would be why DNA analysis of the blood:

employed DNA analysis on the blood-soaked shawl of one of the Ripper's victims, and has declared it in a new book an unambiguous match with

wouldn't just reveal the identity of the victim. ("y'see, it was a man's- blood!" "y'see the ripper had cut 'imself shav'n that morning" "y'see the worker girl she had 'er own knife a'course")

Comment: article summary didn't really summarize... (Score 0) 52

by smoothnorman (#47462077) Attached to: Telcos Move Net Neutrality Fight To Congress

let's imagine that a majority of Slashdot readers is in favor of net neutrality -and- typically doesn't want to click to grind through to get the gist.

"House members plan to try and add an amendment to H.R. 5016 the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act to block funding of FCC network neutrality rules. so since the "FCC's (current proposed) network neutrality rules" suck, then we -want- this plan to add an amendment to succeed? or... since "Public Knowledge is asking citizens to tell Congress to stop meddling with net neutrality." we should instead want congress to leave the FCC alone (and its current commissioner, Tom Wheeler, fresh from the telecom industry)

please explain, in simple terms, on which side we "news for nerds" ought to feel about this news item!

Comment: Re:immigrant taxi owner? (Score 2) 139

by smoothnorman (#47402925) Attached to: Uber Is Now Cheaper Than a New York City Taxi

They do in Seattle and SF and Chicago at least (often, but not always Sikhs). they started as drivers and now own a medallion. often they are paying off loans for it. and along comes Bezos backed Uber...

the cities demanded that they buy them to do business. now some of these cities are negotiating with Uber. how does your trusting immigrant business owner feel now?

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