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So then what was your point. . .

Right here:

What the "balancing" boils down to is that you get fired if you are an apostate from the new progressive groupthink.

Isn't Eich in the same trajectory as Phil Robertson and Chick-Fil-A? I've no more argued that Eich is a First Amendment issue than I have the other two.

Earlier you pretty much showed that the right sees the constitution as no more than a mere inconvenience, what is your argument now?

As usual, I wish you'd quit being an apologist for Conservatives, who are running around ranting about the Etruscan/Atlantean alliance, the planned over-running of the country with komodo dragons, and the threat of being enslaved by pygmies from Bulungi and forced to carve Easter Island heads from the Rockies, to be arrayed across the midwest so as to spell "Eat At Joes" when viewed from geosynchronous orbit.

tl;dr: I think you're being silly again.

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Neither do the CoS people, which is why the project is set up to get the whole thing communicated, agreed upon, locked in by enough states so the outcome is assured, and THEN bring about the Article V convention. In other words, the "runaway convention" argument has been considered.
Meanwhile, the current cast of crooks is destroying the country. The "devil you know" argument is out of gas.

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Socialism, socialism, socialism.

Yeah, I hate to piss on your golden calf, but the empirical results of Socialism are that - 0.1% own the social ownership,
- the government "borrows it forward" to bribe the people with entitlements, and
- the result has been to turn our country into a stagnant debt plantation.
Socialism is an inferior existential model. In a medicinal context, it tries to declare every limb broken and put it in a regulatory cast. Theologically, it is an ersatz Sermon on the Mount that fails utterly to provide the necessary spiritual feedback to bring humans into full bloom. If you could manage the weather this way, you'd be decreeing a perpetual summer, until Nature, unable to bear human hubris any longer, let fly with another Ice Age.
The Socialist elements (entitlements) in our country are based upon cheating. Wilson started it, FDR watered it, LBJ expanded it. The 9th & 10th Amendments, meant to cap federal over-reach, are so much shredded chastity belt. We're awash in debt, and have a President who. . .campaigns effectively.
Junk's coming to a head. It's my hope that we have a come-to-Beavis meeting, do a Constitutional Convention and either kick this Socialist cock-up to the curb, or ratify and finally legitimize it, so old cranks like me can STFU.

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The two introductory clauses are interesting, but the ultimate 14 words form a perfect though, like a circle.
Now, statists get them a flag pole woody over the first 13 words. "Aha! Here is our chance to do with the Constitution what Satan did in Genesis 3*. If we can just introduce some ambiguity, we can disarm the population, like Every. Evil. Fascist. Regime. Ever.**"
By the way, I don't actually own any firearms. But I'm as reactionary as they come about any pencil-neck rodeo clowns that absolutely cannot get the facts straight about guns, from that twerp Justice Stevens on down.
*I could've picked a non-Biblical example, but I'm trolling you here.
**And a bunch of governments that are not fascist, too.

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"when a conservative loses his job for being a loudmouthed idiot it is an infringement of his freedom of speech" is not something I've ever argued. Now, roughly to the extent that Democrats and their sympathizers like to play the race card, I've heard some otherwise conservative people fail to understand that the Bill of Rights restrains the federal government (initially) and state governments (via incorporation). However, I doubt you'll find any evidence of ME asserting that, say Eich had his 1st Amendment rights infringed, any more than YOU have ever accused anyone on /. of racism.
Anybody past the FNG level in Constitutional studies understands that "private sector" = "private property" = "Bill of Rights moot"

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You are trying to assign power to someone who you are asserting to be powerless.

When did I say that the American people are powerless at election time, again?

far too cowardly to actually try to propose it as a solution to anything

As solutions go for our society, it would be final.

vastly greater probability of our country splitting into two (or more) separate independent nations instead

I'd place the probability of a split today as lower than the 19th century. Socialism is about imploding into a lump of fecklessness, not exploding.

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First off, why expand, instead of disband, NATO if we are not planning to attack Russia?

First, Since Bretton Woods, the U.S. dollar has enjoyed the advantage of being the world's reserve currency. In exchange for the privilege, we've provided a pax Americana for the non-Soviet world.
Second, the pax Americana has been a great cost avoidance for the European social welfare states, who can maintain smaller, localized defense forces, knowing that the 800lb gorilla is there.
Third, the EU has arisen in the meantime. You can't expand the EU (especially East) without some sort of security plan. That security plan is NATO.
Summary: geopolitical systems, like any other business, are about expansion. Let's not be surprised at any of these unsurprising developments.

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