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Comment Re:smitty's sour grapes (Score 1) 27 27

You understand that there are side deals with the IAEA? Watch the Senator Cotton video at the link. The whole situation is utterly indefensible. We could have just had the Red Hot Chili Peppers go to negotiations and play a concert and had more for our money. Our foreign policy seems to be: "Yeah, we got nothin'."

Comment Re:Shorter d_r: (Score 1) 27 27

We really have to put some newspaper under you, for moments when you overflow like this. To drop the current egregious example, the Iran deal Congressional shortcutting, and taking the sell-out straight to the Untied Nations is not even "kinda" conservative. In a rational time (and this sure as balls ain't) this particular stunt would be more impeachy than simply peachy.

Comment Re:Shorter d_r: (Score 1) 27 27

Furthermore your constant state of goalpost-moving - particularly the fact that you are able to support your team in part but anyone of any other team must support their team 110% of the time - is again noted.

Is that like when you try to typecast #OccupyResoluteDesk to "conservative", or do you have some other meaning in mind?

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