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Comment Prove it. (Score 1) 5

(a) I was pointing to a VDH piece.
(b) VDH (not me) offers a pledge for "all liberal celebrities, business people, and politicians". He subsequently offers an example involving a cleric.
Oh crapflooding crapflooder, you do flood you the crap.

Comment Re:"why is it that no new gun control has happened (Score 1) 51

No, I'm simply answering your question regarding "What is it people are afraid of".
They fear the same swindling rodeo clownery that,
while arguably not the root cause of the world's current slide toward general war,
it can fairly be said,
is doing roughly shag-all to mitigate any threat in any direction.
#OccupyResoluteDesk, indeed.

Comment Re:"why is it that no new gun control has happened (Score 1) 51

It takes longer to buy Sudafed than it does to buy a gun. As someone who had purchased both in New York State I know that for a fact. Hell it takes vastly longer to purchase and register a car than it does to buy a gun. It is even more work to adopt a dog from a shelter than it is to buy a gun.

This is precisely the sort of irrelevant factoids, repeated with a vehement huff, that tips off the other end of the conversation to go very calm and pay close attention to the con-job unfolding.
The first and second amendments remain invariant. The job of unwinding American liberty is going to be achieved through debt, decadence, and entitlements, not these frontal assaults.

Comment Re:"why is it that no new gun control has happened (Score 1) 51

What is it that people are so afraid of

Something akin to termites. Again: the motives of the proponents are deemed as impure as the globally, historically lousy results are unrelentingly sucktacular. When Bill de Blasio (to drop an example) foregoes armed bodyguards, maybe people on the Left won't seem so totally insincere.

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