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Racism Industrial Complex All Revved Up To Full Tilt Boogie

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  • 13th century European Cookbook?

    I hate chili peppers with a passion, and would love to patronize a restaurant where they are not used.

    • ooops, wrong thread. Sorry. Nice to know at least one Supreme Court Judge isn't a racist and voted *against* their own race.

      • I still thought it a great non-sequitur.
        • It's based on somebody else posting a journal about current genetic research that pins Chili Pepper domestication down to the Mayans. Therefore, European cookbooks from *before* the voyages of exploration, wouldn't have them.

      • He did it twice. He also further depreciated the 4th Amendment.

        After today’s opinion all of us on the road, and not just drug dealers, are at risk of having our freedom of movement curtailed on suspicion of drunkenness, based upon a phone tip, true or false, of a single instance of careless driving. - That wasn't Thomas. It was some other guy that is kinda popular with this crowd. I would add that they are allowing anonymous phone tips for this.

        Now, where were we, ah yes, quotas, most evil they are. D

  • Goes back to 1990's I think. Back when I used to watch Sunday morning political roundtables, I would often stick around after The McLaughlin Group on PBS for what followed on my local affiliate, an all-women political roundtable called To The Contrary. It often included a young Betsy Hart, who was sometimes the only Conservative in the discussion. Anyways, one time they were talking about Mr. Thomas, and commentator Julianne Malveaux said during the discussion, on the air, that she hoped his wife fed him

  • Maybe Justice Thomas can have a word with fellow Republican Donald Sterling?

    (registered Republican in LA county since 1998)

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