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smitty_one_each's Journal: Progressives may need to destroy YouTube 4

Journal by smitty_one_each
This whole business of having public figures belie themselves is just too rich:
I mean, if this disaster isn't controlled, we could be forced to opt for limited government, and be faced with people maturing into self-governing citizens. Isn't that like anarchy or something?
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Progressives may need to destroy YouTube

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  • The mushy middle is angry about being lied to, but ultimately they've been convinced that the Left is the side of "good" (where both the Left and Right know that's not true) so they know that it must've been for their own good. Afterall, nothing good can come if a Republican can get his way, so only goodness and fairness can emanate from Dems. So their anger is tempered by knowing it was out of love, which'll make it that much easier to forgive and forget in a couple of years. Let's face it, the next tim

User hostile.