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smitty_one_each's Journal: Big setback for the "nothing to see here, move along" community 8 8

A new report by House Republicans concludes that former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner engaged in wide-ranging, politically motivated efforts to hamper conservativesâ(TM) use of tax-exempt organizations.

On the one hand, there are the slack-jawed sycophants who claim that the IRS was "just workin' hard, tryin' to do a job".
Then there are those (me among them) who'd say that anything short of utter dissolution of the IRS and replacement with a simple, effective reform tax code would simply count as collaboration.
Poor GOP, actually facing the prospect of power with an expectation that they actually improve matters.

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Big setback for the "nothing to see here, move along" community

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  • What a surprise that the GOP house members are crying wolf. Some of these are the same characters that have participated in dozens of comical attempts to derail the Health Insurance Industry Bailout Act of 2010 in fear that it might actually help enough people to not make President Lawnchair look silly. If they had a point here, I'd be concerned. But this is just more partisan gamesmanship.

    Just the way you like it.
    • What if they understood that ObamaCare was going to be a trainwreck (as evidenced by the parliamentary maneuvers used to squeeze the ACA out as a party-line turd) and were (GASP!) Trying. To. Do. Their. Jobs?
      I do understand that you view everything through a hyper-partisan prism, and think that anyone who disagreed was trying "make President Lawnchair look silly".
      If you had a shred of intellectual honesty about you, you might confess that Republicans (perhaps accidentally) had the right of it from the out
      • Think about this more seriously for a minute, here smitty.

        The president very specifically asked congress to reform health care (granted, they failed, but that was his very specific request of them). Initially Obama wanted single-payer but as per his usual M.O. he quickly abandoned that ideal. The democrats in congress, being the spineless critters they are, took the proposal from the Heritage Foundation that was directly descended from the Massachusetts bill that was the product of a conservative gove
        • Oh, the sweet desperation with which you do anything but face facts and confess your foolishness!
          It will always be somebody else's fault, won't it? Right up until the moment your heart beats its last, and the Almighty is having none of your shenanigans. May you obtain mercy.
          • You're absolutely right. The democrats didn't do any of that because they are "spineless". Nothing could be further from the truth. They did it because they are corrupt. Of course the republicans are deceitful in their faux "opposition to the wonderful windfall to come from this bill. The game was very well played, while you all missed all the action, but watched (and believed) all the commercials.

            • You can harp all you like, but I can tell you that the GOP 'faux "opposition to the wonderful windfall to come from this bill"' is gradually being broken off where they sit in the primaries.
              And you're correct to note that, for example, Kristie Noem voted for ethanol subsidies like a champ. The bipartisan corruption that is DC will be broken slowly, if at all. Being complacent about it changes nothing.
  • Republicans.

    The Democrats, as a solid Left party, know full well that the GOP is a moderate Left party hoping to ditch its fringe Conservative wing and has no burning desire to turn anything back. So even if the public punishes the Dems one eensy weensy election cycle for screwing them over so grandly, the GOP won't do anything about it, they'll just do nothing, meanwhile the Left will remind everyone what racists and woman haters and dirty air lovers etc. Republicans are. So then 2 years later people wil

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