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smitty_one_each's Journal: Almost Aardvarkian in Nature 8

Journal by smitty_one_each
Among the outstanding bloggers working against the Racism Industrial Complex today is Cornell Law Prof. William Jacobson:

Congratulations Media Matters for further denigrating public discourse by taking a wholly innocent use of a non-racial term and turning it into a racial issue. But that was not the worst of the week for the language police. Seattle is considering banning the use of the term Brown Bag when referring to workers bringing food to work because it is racially insensitive:

Read his entire, excellent post. Lawyers do write well, and some seem to have retained their souls. Or, perhaps the ones in academia re-grow them, despite the Ivory Tower.
JE post title refers to a simple, joking animal reference that one of my commenters tried to turn into a racial reference. I troubleshot the issue, and it turned out that my keyboard, in fact, held some racist vowels, so I replace those keycaps, to regain political correctness*.

*For the humor impaired, this is called a 'joke'.

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Almost Aarvarkian in Nature

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  • Your posts are still pock marked with unprintable unicode. All you need to do is to save it in Notepad first.

    • by Arker (91948)
      The bug is in slashcode, that's where it should be fixed. It's nice you know a workaround but using it might actually reduce the chances of it getting fixed properly too.
      • That's kind of like saying I should let the trash pile up in the street, instead of working around the garbageman's job actions (strike). I say let's keep Slashdot beautiful, despite its foibles.

        • by gmhowell (26755)

          I say let's keep Slashdot beautiful, despite its foibles.

          You can't polish a turd.

        • What's interesting is the way the coding error is not present in the editing textbox, but only when the page is rendered.
          A right jolly flogging.
          • It should show in preview, but then, when you make changes, they won't show up until you submit and refresh the page afterwards (clear the cache first, maybe). So, it's kinda best to get it right the first time. That's why I save it in Notepad first. It strips all that junk out. And, for your convenience [], in case you want to display some of those fancy foreign characters... They don't all work but it will get you through the night, and you'll be posting like a pro :-)

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