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Journal smitty_one_each's Journal: I used to think that people on the Left were somehow smarter 22

Growing up as poor white trash, I figured there was some linear acquisition of wisdom with age, and all of the purportedly Really Smart People should be heeded because they had more degrees than a thermometer.
I'm kinda realizing that intellectual bluster != smarts. There are some really foolish people in circulation, making sloppy arguments all over the place.
My task is to avoid becoming that.
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I used to think that people on the Left were somehow smarter

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  • Again the projection. Malevolently judging those who don't conform to your style.

    • How, 'Malevolently'? Please back up your own judgement, sir.
      • Judgement is an appeal to authority, thus malevolent.

        • Authority, in and of itself, is not malevolent.
          • In the hands of man it certainly is. and he can never progress beyond his animal nature as long as he clings to it. It is hedonism of the most vicious kind. If man ever wants to be considered a moral being, he must give it up unconditionally.

            • You're trolling. Authority != hedonism.
              • Of course it is. It is used to get more sex, among other pleasures. It is a raw desire of the flesh. Regular alpha male stuff. It is pure hedonism.

                • You're daft. I've held significant authority under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Many do. No tail involved.
                  A fine troll, though.
                  • by Bill Dog (726542)

                    I dub his persona a "freedom troll".

                  • No tail involved.

                    All you gotta do is ask, and it will fall into your lap. And besides, you seem to know not the power of your subconscious. The goal is not always achieved, and remains covert, not always the case for many in your position. The grunts have it a little easier with less veneer to maintain. And besides besides, you are a servant. An honest man only gets so far, or early 'retirement'. I believe the saying goes that a good measure of corruption is the proximity to the center of power.

                    That you hav

  • by Bill Dog (726542)

    There is some linear acquisition of wisdom with age, or at least there used to be, upon which the saying that starts "If you're not a Liberal by the time you're 20..." was based.

    I had a similar conception growing up, but not exactly the same. To me it wasn't about heeding/power/obedience, because I didn't have a Lefty influence on me growing up and those are Lefty ways of thinking about things, but I did assume that people in prominent positions were among the best and brightest for those positions. It was

    • ...the world is definitely not run by experts.

      You're right. It's run by con men.It doesn't take a great of wisdom to see that.

    • the saying that starts "If you're not a Liberal by the time you're 20..." was based That, too, was pure hooey.

      • by Bill Dog (726542)

        Not to me. I was never a bleeding-heart Liberal, but I'll admit I had a deficit of compassion in my 20's. My sis on the other hand was. And now she's experiencing the truth behind the rest of that saying.

        There's deceptively a lot of wisdom in that saying. How for example youth and inexperience is naivety, and what one might have thought compassionate early on used to grow (when Americans used to grow up when they became adults) to be recognized as actually overall harmful.

    • Perhaps the most valuable nugget I've gleaned in my half-century on this planet comes from Bobby Dylan: "If you want to live outside the law, you have to be honest."

      What he leaves for you to find out is that being honest pretty much forces you to live outside the law...

      • Sure, that's a cute paradox. Sells records. But what does it tell us about minimizing the overall suckage of having to get along with a lot of other people.

Nature always sides with the hidden flaw.