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Burma Shave Tweet for damn_registrars

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  • I was actually expecting that your next JE would demonstrate that Obama has used his irrefutable ties with Al-Qaeda to control the weather (perhaps through his closet Muslim Socialist Fascist Martian Atheist powers) hence sending this winter storm to the east coast to distract us further from Benghazi.

    Instead, you wrote another JE with my name in the title. Win goes to me!
    • by Arker (91948)
      I defy you to produce a single direct quote from smitty supporting even one of your strawmen.
      • DR's statement is more a left-handed attempt at exaggerated humor than a serious strawman argument.
      • Based on your wording you either won't read these, or you will claim them to mean something other than what they actually state, but here goes regardless: []">right wing talking points and speculation that only relate to Benghazi if you subscribe to his same conspiracy web

        here he claims that Benghazi on it's own is somehow worthy of an impeachment trial []

        However perhaps most significa
        • It's well short of an impeachment trial, but there is HR 824, calling for a Select Committee [] to investigate the deaths of the Ambassador and three AMCITs, and the subsequent nonsense.
          For much ado about nothing, the administration sure is flogging the distractions.
          Of course, if Harry Reid had any less interest in the justice an impeachment trial would entail, he'd be relieving Eric Holder. But why bring up the Department of inJustice?
          Then again, if #OccupyResoluteDesk was innocent, he'd welcome a trial. T
          • You mean the press is flogging the distractions. That is its job, to protect its benefactors. Obama just happens to be there.

            What is more notable is that you insist that he is somehow different from any of his predecessors, as opposed to a mere evolution of the business. The only conclusion one can draw from that is something you would find most personally offensive and would leave you paddling upstream in a river in Egypt.

          • It's well short of an impeachment trial

            Maybe because there isn't anything to impeach him on? Your belief in an epic constitutional crisis does not mean everyone else agrees with you.

            there is HR 824, calling for a Select Committee to investigate the deaths of the Ambassador and three AMCITs, and the subsequent nonsense.

            So some conservative in the house gathered up a bunch of other conservatives and ... wow! ... they came up with something to express their distrust of non-conservatives. Color me very not surprised. Glad these guys are concerned about pressing domestic issues and all.

            Also worth noting that the description you linked to places the Iran Contra Scandal in the w

    • I refute all of Obama's ties with a single one of my bows. That cat ain't got style.

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