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Journal Journal: A Conspiracy So Vast They'll Have To Surgically Remove The Smile From d_r's Face 2

Like Markopolos, Ortel has a background as a financial industry executive in addition to a successful track record of identifying economic trends and systemic problems within companies, most notably General Electric.
Throughout 2015, Ortel has carefully studied and documented a decade's worth of domestic and global fraud, theft, corruption and violations of strict IRS rules being perpetrated by a prestigious multi-billion dollar charitable organization known as the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.
Unlike Markopolos, who went to the SEC and was largely ignored because of incompetence, Ortel believes that the IRS is actively in collusion with the Clinton Foundation.

Let's stipulate that:
- Her Majesty is pure as the driven snow.
- No one has a subpoena, much less a conviction that has been sustained at SCOTUS.
- This is all just so much right-wing poo-flinging of old news.

Guys, do I pass my Indoctrination Course?

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Journal Journal: Sane, But Impossible 39

If they freeze the budget, we almost balance the budget by 2017. If federal spending is capped so it grows 1 percent each year, the budget is balanced in 2019. And if the crowd in Washington can limit spending growth to about 2 percent each year, red ink almost disappears in just 10 years.

How are you going to buy re-election in such a hostile, austere, un-American environment?

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Journal Journal: Wow, that's in terrible taste 62

The South Park Trump episode: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3247124/Controversial-South-Park-episode-shows-Donald-Trump-raped-murdered.html
Two wrongs don't make a right, but if a couple animators can shock Donald Trump into some reflection, it might be worth rationalizing.
But not watching. Ain't nobody got time for that!
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Journal Journal: Crucial matters 127

The Codpiece Media must circle the wagons and maintain the blackout of the Planned Parenthood videos.
Absolutely nothing--not even Iran nuking Tel Aviv--must be permitted to threaten the most crucial media priority of all: Jenner/Kardashian coverage.
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Journal Journal: SQL Server ERD 7

I've signed on to take over a smallish .Net/SQL Server project.
Bought the MSDN Universal, so I'm running the good stuff.
Stunningly, there is no easy way to produce a database ERD anymore. I guess I could install an older Visio.
The real reason seems to be these capitalist swine want me to buy still more little tools.
Well, up that noise. Generate the DDL scripts via SQL Server, pull it into Emacs, massage the DDL so that it will work as Jet DDL within Access, and create a shell database for diagrams.
Bunch of jerks.
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Journal Journal: "Mythology" 55

The Devil's mythology believed:
"Life starts *after* one's conceived"
By a mystic moment received
At some judge's behest.

It's true there is no "standing" room
When one's gestating in the womb
But is that space just so much tomb
Based on a legal test?

For those with the hardened hearts
Conception hunting season starts
Selling offspring for the parts
In our "enlightened" West?

God have mercy on these souls
Blighted by the murder's tolls
As on to Hell a holocaust rolls
While they make it a jest.

Let the conscience be the guide
Before man's essence goes inside
Adding to humanity's tide
The truth remains the best.
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Journal Journal: Breaking Medical News! 35

OGDEN, UTAH: Fustakrakich and damn_registrars involved in violent philosophical collision, become human history's first example of post-vaginal Siamese twins. There would have been film at eleven, but the production crew's continuous puking necessitated emergency hydration at the hospital.

"Confound these ancestors.... They've stolen our best ideas!" - Ben Jonson