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Slashgodz notably irritated

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  • When you made a comment that was effectively "FREE KARMA PL0X!!!"?
  • blockquote>Also: is there a one-click way to make a journal entry?

    No, sorry, it requires two clicks. One for copy and one for paste.

    • by PopeRatzo (965947)

      For crying out loud if I'm not awake enough to close a blockquote tag, I should not be messing around on the computer.

      In my old place, I had 10 feet of cold linoleum between my bed and the computer, so I was always fully awake by the time I got there.

      And now it's started raining here in Chicago. Smitty, you're going to have to make the lunatic left-wing comments between now and noon, I'm going back to bed. It's easy. They're just like the lunatic right-wing comments, except you say "man" once it a while.

      • Good use of the F-word is most sparing.
        Although I have in mind to do a modernized version of the Federalist Papers, by way of Herbert Kornfeld.
  • by Bill Dog (726542)

    "is there a one-click way to make a journal entry?"

    There is if you put the following link into your "User Space" Slashbox: []

If it's not in the computer, it doesn't exist.