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Want America To Fail? Heed Van Jones

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  • a long time ago...

    • You can argue that, but, more practically: what do we do?
      • by Bill Dog (726542)

        I think what he means is that America has been evil for a long time, and the solution is to keep going in the direction we've been, of more and more people accepting that belief. IOW, the historical American way deserves to fail, so all the things complained about in the video actually are indeed put forth as being For The Greater Good(TM), towards ultimately culminating in the downfall of America's evil, freedom-based political and economic systems.

        Leftists don't hate America, I've learned, they just hate

        • The Left hates liberty.
          • by Bill Dog (726542)

            The Left hates liberty.

            Only because it allows social and economic disparities to occur. Because only a centrally planned and controlled economy and society, run by an enlightened and Progressive-minded group of academics, as an expertocracy in a selective sense, can ensure fairness, and thereby be moral.

            • No, try this [].
              • by Bill Dog (726542)

                Your cited ideas seem orthogonal and complementary to what I said, not in contradiction. I say the Left hates liberty because it stands in the way of their vision of the future, you say they hate liberty because it stands in the way of their vision of getting us there.

                That one way to an immoral system is via immoral tactics is not something I'm in denial about, I just believe that the Left originally tried to work *within liberty* to get to their immoral system.

                That is, I think they initially tried honest p

              • by Bill Dog (726542)

                Nevermind -- I see that I started out with "Only...", and as you point out it's not just only that.

        • Don't be a coward, putting words in my mouth.

          Don't call me "Left". I subscribe to no such ideology.

          When I provide an anecdote of America's failure, I do so with the lamentations of one who applauded and cherished the vision of a Republic "Of, By and For the People" as it emerged from the compromise and collusion of principles exemplared by Jefferson and Madison.

          And so, mere anecdotal evidence of that failure:

          Omer Petti is a 95-year-old USAF veteran with artificial knees and a heart condition. Madge Woodwar

          • BTW, I have similar personal experience of Lindbergh field.

            San Diego, what a fascist little shittehole.

            • I grew up there, and served on three ships out of 32nd Street.
              I have a strong counter-argument right. . .wait, where did it go?
            • by Bill Dog (726542)

              BTW, in case you hadn't noticed, picking a policy that you're against that the (neocon segment of the) Right-wing is known for, and calling a fascist shithole the one major city in California that is known to be somewhat Conservative (vice L.A. and S.F.), is not exactly the best choice of examples for differentiating yourself from Leftists and demonstrating that your view of America's failures are not the same as Leftists'. Just saying...

          • My contention is that we're at the nadir, and, by the power of free information, we have the potential to recover the greatness envisioned by Jefferson and Madison.
            Or not. It may be that the Gramscian damage is too great.
            However, I won't succumb to that Commie vision until I bleed out, and know for certain that the Jewish peasant, indeed, is what He claimed.
          • by Bill Dog (726542)

            > Don't call me "Left". I subscribe to no such ideology.

            My sister's a socialist (in favor of universal healthcare, "free" education, a govt.-guaranteed income, etc.), and has voted Democrat exclusively, yet has always insisted she's an "independent". It's a funny world, and one side is much more honest and accurate with themselves and others about where they fall. I've only seen you post typical Leftist tripe. But then I don't follow your writings around, so maybe I just happened to miss all your Right-w

      • by NonSequor (230139)

        New constitution:

        House of Representatives is changed to allow multiple representatives from each district with voters being able to assign their vote to any representative by internet (or by phone, *sigh*), even midcycle. Also, allow a 30 day window for voters to repudiate their selection in case the House passes something really pandering to draw votes and then immediately after passes something odious.

        Senators appointed by states but with a provision for recall elections.

        I don't know that we actually need

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