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What happened

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    • The poem is here [] with posh formatting.
    • You accuse me of:
      a) endorsing interventionist policies and
      b) avoiding the message when you point out the idiocy of them.
      Characterizing something isn't endorsement, any more than position is velocity.
      But I'm veering toward trying to explain, when such is tedious. If the art isn't self-explanatory, or fails to educate the audience enough to be self-explanatory, it's the art's fault, not the audience: Embrace The Suck.
      Which, in a left-handed way, mirrors the problem with interventionist policy.
    • Not only endorse, but actively practice them by the nature of your work and the people you work for. It renders your stated religious beliefs incoherent and contradictory. If such were not the case, you would be doing something completely different.

      You think to play the Alinsky game of "hold the other guy to his rules", when you very clearly don't know what the rules are, or why I adhere to them?
      Dude, you funny.

    • from your privileged position as an elephant standing ant hills, you will never see its dirty little secrets as you aimlessly swat at the ants simply because that's the only way you know how to 'control' them.

      Come on, man: you can't leave it at calling me a hypocrite.
      Surely I must be undertaking all of these alleged crimes as a result of some purported ethnic superiority. If you don't denounce me as a raaaaacist, misogynist, and latent necrophiliac homosexual as well, then this whole thread shall have bee

      • Look.

        He's trolling you in your own journal. Let him drop.

        You and I are very different in perceived values - tho' we'd both say we admire truth, justice, compassion, humanity, love and faith. We don't agree on nearly any expression of those abstractions.

        Nonetheless, outside of arguing a policy or position with you, I'm glad you're here and would probably get along famously in person. You know: respect and comradeship.

        So? Power to you. And don't get caught up.

        • Oh, it's an attempt at trolling, one must grant that.
          As you read this thread, note that taking myself too seriously is something avoided.
          It's all good.
  • But you couldn't find a better place to vacation than Afghanistan?

  • glad you are home safe.

    I have few joys that approach those of my children - I hope you experience the same. And Be Thou My Vision is a favorite of mine - enjoyed that.

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