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Whittle on Exceptionalism

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  • Hey, when my firefox 3.5.2 tried to open that video, firefox crashed. Then on restart of firefox, it crashed again. Then on second restart, it admitted the problem, and I eliminated that tab, and it started up.

    Anyone else finding this behavior?

    • I don't even bother trying to watch videos with Firefox. If I can't download it with the "add-ons" I have I generally won't bother. Because I saw Bill Maher's name I decided to load up IE.

      Basically it's a criticism of Bill Maher because Bill Maher isn't neoconservative enough for their liking (well he's pro-Israel, and Libertarian, though I don't know that much more about his beliefs). Since Bill is funny and intelligent (don't imply that I agree with everything he says) I decided to give the video a try in

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