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Whittle on the 'narrative'

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  • The further revelation of the gun-toting protester's "race" is extremely welcome, as it squashes hate-mongering from "leftist" media sources. However, his revisionist etymology about the term "politically correct" and his completely inaccurate description of the Frankfurt school of philosophy's aim and actions were nauseating, to say the least.

    Got to separate the wheat from the chaff, I suppose.
    • Oh, I doubt that the Frankfurt School would have been as overt and succinct as Whittle put it.
      I'll even fall short of ascribing deliberately evil intent to them--they may have sincerely believed they were doing something.
      But the generations of human wreckage [] in the US in their wake seem hard to overlook.
      OK, I'm crediting them too much, but they're certainly a major player in the contemporary devastation.
      • Links to books on Amazon don't really clarify your position on the Frankfurt School for me.

        I am personally not an adherent to that school of thought, but I do take issue with the idea of it creating generations of human wreckage. I definitely agree with the proposition that post-modernism has created a number of inane philosophies and been a hindrance to some extent to the progress of humanity. However, "critical theory" as put forth by the Frankfurt School seems hardly to be the key construct in the rise
        • The contemporary devastation is the last couple of decades of intellectually un-curious graduates produced by US schools.
          You can find any number of studies, and there is a broad spectrum of targets for the blame [waves hands].
          Possibly the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory are receiving too much credit here for throwing gasoline on the fire.
          Ultimately it gets at this point:

          History tells all of us that nobody gets a pass. Your [country's] perpetual existence is not guaranteed. If you do not believe i

          • I've done a bit of googling, and while I was probably not exhaustive in the combinations of terms that I tried, I haven't been able to find any studies that show a decline in the overall intellectual curiosity of graduates from US schools. I'm not saying that I know it's not happening, I would just like some help finding said studies before I take a position on whether there's any over-arching intellectual collapse going on right now.

            As to the broad spectrum of targets, considering the number of times peop

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