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Teddy or Franky

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  • On the rule of the International Banking Monopoly?

    How will they keep the plebes in line?

    • Freshmen at the Naval Academy are called plebes.
      The IBM has got to know that far-left policies are going to crush profits...
      • My grandad was Annapolis '24. An immigrant who went into 'service' commanding gunboats in China. He was later commandant of GLNTC.

        There is no crushing of any profit for any who matter to the Cthonic powers behind Obama/McCain. They still have you dazzled by their puppet show - worrying about an artificial struggle of imaginary contestants of pantomime ideology. Your passions are spent on this shadowplay, while your livelihood and your soul are drained away in their secret machinations.

        • Well, not everyone can go out like Philo [wikipedia.org].
          • by iminplaya (723125)

            New version of an old joke:

            The aircraft carrier U.S.S. Enterprise was finally inching up to the pier at homeport when the Captain of the ship noticed a sailor on the flight deck gesturing wildly with semaphore flags. He then noticed an attractive young woman standing on top of an SUV, also waving semaphore flags.

            Always concerned about security and never having seen something like this, the Captain barked at his Bridge Signalman, "What message are those two people sending?"

            The Signalman concentrated intently

        • by cmacb (547347)

          And what would you suggest O Wise one?

          "Hope"? "Change"?

          I would like to live in a system that gives me as many choices how to spend my hard earned money as possible. Anyone who thinks Obama is the right vote for this is indeed "dazzled". Maybe you are happy to have your money all spent by people you don't know in Washington DC, but I've worked there and if you trust them you are certifiably insane.

          Combined with our current economy which is the PRODUCT of government meddling an all-Democrat government for

      • by iminplaya (723125)

        I can see far left from my patio. There is no "far left" in the USA. In fact there is nothing that even approaches center. There is a precipitous list to the extreme right as everyone crowds to the starboard side, and it's about to capsize.

        In relativistic terms, Teddy was probably one of the better presidents.

      • The IBM has got to know that far-left policies are going to crush profits

        The far left died with Joseph Stalin. Now the world mainly has fascists and ultra right. No left, no Centre Left, and no Centre. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. It almost makes me want to go out and get a gun permit.

  • In reading Churchill's History of WWII I'd have to say that there is far more to FDR than than the "New Deal." The bounds he pushed in helping England certainly was critical to England's defense. I've also read about Teddy and the Great White Fleet, and the influence it had. So I do not think they are as opposite in view as people may think.
    • Schlaes's Forgotten Man paints a mediocre portrait of FDR.
      I was kind of a fan of Teddy for most of my life, but, aging, I realize that the tendency to concentrate power through taxation and legislation in Washington DC ends up eroding the levels of government.
      People are reflexively looking to DC for leadership, and not considering lower level alternatives; not the leadership, not the Congresscritters.
      • Little Man With Power Syndrome© is methinks to blame. Too many incompetent people on a power trip at the local level for most people's taste. At least that's been my experience in gauging people's thoughts about government. A lot of nepotism, conflict of interest, and winks to ethics. Oregon recently enacted a law requiring public disclosure of your finances for all elected officials. So if you own 10% of the concrete company that just got that city contract, people will know. Entire city council
        • Oregon recently enacted a law requiring public disclosure of your finances for all elected officials.

          What a powerful idea!

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