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Comment Re:I caught none of it (Score 1) 14

Step back and admire it from this angle: are you arguing that no nominal conservative whose name does not rhyme with "tush" can win the election? If that's the case, I'm arguing that the election is pointless. That's how I'm rolling. You need not agree. But if JEB wants to impress me with his love of country, let him NOT run.
Or, if JEB is that solid, and I'm just a fringe whacko, then he'll win without my vote. I'll support him in office.

Comment Re:It's the Smitty Time Machine! (Score 1) 19

Why don't you look at what I actually said: "She's a law unto herself." And

A spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, Nick Merrill, defended her use of the personal email account and said she has been complying with the "letter and spirit of the rules."

So Her Majesty must be guiltless by the simple tautology that whatever she does is automatically kosher, right?
The little Stompyfoot McPointyfinger

Your support for the law flipped more quickly than any house on cable

antics are the height of absurd. Workin' hard, tryin' to come up with a suggestion of how you could improve upon the peevish tone. . .

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