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I never once claimed to have any such superiority over you

Even your punctuation is condescending.

Truth and morality are orthogonal dimensions, just as socialism and fascism are orthogonal political ideas.

Oh, maybe in the abstract. Dare you involve actual people, and everything goes pear-shaped. This is why the genius of the U.S. Constitution is to assert outright that people are evil, and set up checks and balances to minimize the effects. Which #OccupyResoluteDesk is systematically ignoring, while Congress and the Courts, as a whole, are abetting.
Your assertion of the orthogonality of socialism and fascism is akin to saying that your C++ source code is crash-free--of course it is: until you compile it, execute it, and blame the ensuing stack trace on conservatives.

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Journal: So this problem isn't new, or owned by either party 13

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The arguments by which the Obama administration is countering lawsuits that seek to limit Obamacare subsidies to participants in "exchanges" established by states--a limit that is specified in the Obamacare law itself--have raised the outcome's stakes. Administration officials argue that the plain, unmistakable, uncontested language of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is

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smitty_one_each (243267) writes "I haven't actually attended since 2008, but OLS is something worth supporting, whether you're a "newbie" like me, an über hacker like Linus, or just want to check out a wonderful Canadian city in the summer. I chipped in a nominal amount.

Check out this Indegogo project, which lays out a sad tale, but with some hope of redemption, and contribute whatever you can to keep a great event alive."

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where on earth can you find an example of non-fiat money that is in common use and has an agreed-upon value?

While 'value' is an ebb-and-flow sort of thing, precious metals remain relatively more stable than the current regime of the dollar as the world's reserve currency, supporting the U.S. exporting its inflation abroad.
That is one issue where the country has a substantial basis to be ashamed.

I ask you third-grade level questions, to see if you have even third-grade level comprehension, and you generally show that you do not.

Oh Progressive moral superior! I throw myself at your feet and beg forgiveness for having the temerity to think that I could gainsay you! Wait: you're daft. Forget that noise.

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