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. . .all of which is why so many just nod patiently and then ignore the Moebius strip that is political discourse.
I happen to think that, if we don't manage to boot Big HAL Skynet Brother and kill ourselves, technology (could) eventually walk back some of the centralization of power that is at the heart of the overall woe. A small number of people really like to boss others around. A hefty chunk of people don't mind being bossed around. It's the folk in the middle who crave liberty that are at risk.

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Well, you certainly "flung [your]self upon [your] horse and rode madly off in all directions" that time.
Welcome to foreign policy, where everyone thinks they have a clean sheet of paper and then get whacked by all of human history, written or otherwise.
You can't be isolationist; you can't be neo-con: you have to find some way to surf the chaos in between.
What I think you want to do is (a) have some principles, and (b) adhere to them. Your boy W had a couple of decent ideas. I'll buy the argument that the Iraq imbroglio was stupid; but what #OccupyResoluteDesk did was stupid squared.
However, the combination of these two idiots makes the overarching point that nation building is untenable with our unpredictable political system.
So, overall, a minimalist approach is the right place to start.

"People should have access to the data which you have about them. There should be a process for them to challenge any inaccuracies." -- Arthur Miller