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Submission + - Stephen Fry and DVD Jon back USB Sniffer Project (

An anonymous reader writes: bushing and pytey of the iPhone DevTeam and Team Twiizers have created a Kickstarter project to fund the build of an open-source/open-hardware high-speed USB protocol analyzer. The board features a high-speed USB 2.0 sniffer that will help with the reverse engineering of proprietary USB hardware, the project has gained the backing from two high-profile individuals Jon Lech Johansen (DVD Jon) and Actor and Comedian Stephen Fry

Comment Processing! (Score 1) 962

Processing is based on java and is all about visuals. It removes all the obnoxious set up and background necessary from lower-level languages, allowing students to focus on concepts and not minutiae. And the fact that it's output is drawing stuff on the screen keeps the reward-level high and immediate!

If there's one thing that will interest kids in programming for a lifetime, it's getting them turned on to fast and cool-looking results.

Comment Re:Continuous: TimeMachine and rsnapshot (Score 1) 393

I second the capabilities of Time Machine.

While it's not a great versioning system for long-time backup solutions because it eventually over-writes old backups as space on the disk fills up, I use it as a short-term versioning system with great success.

As a musician and artist, I'll often make changes to a current project which I then regret, but thankfully Time Machine has the version of the document from an hour ago. I'm able to pull that one up, take what I want from the old version, and integrate it into the current version.

It's saved my ass numerous times since its introduction!


Researchers Developing Cancer-Fighting Beer 283

CWmike writes "Ever picked up a cold, frosty beer on a hot summer's day and thought that it simply couldn't get any better? Well, think again. A team of researchers at Rice University in Houston is working on helping Joe Six Pack fight aging and cancer with every swill of beer." Thank you science! Now we just need cigarettes that cure baldness.
The Courts

iPhone Antitrust and Computer Fraud Claims Upheld 273

LawWatcher writes "On October 1, 2008, a federal judge in California upheld a class action claiming that Apple and AT&T Mobility's five-year exclusive voice and data service provider agreement for the iPhone violates the anti-monopoly provisions of the antitrust laws. The court also ruled that Apple may have violated federal and California criminal computer fraud and abuse statutes by releasing version 1.1.1 of its iPhone operating software when Apple knew that doing so would damage or destroy some iPhones that had been 'unlocked' to enable use of a carrier other than AT&T."

ASIMO to Conduct Symphony Orchestra 86

DeviceGuru writes to mention that Honda's ASIMO robot will apparently be leading the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in a performance of "Impossible Dream" from the conductors podium. Along with cellist Yo-Yo Ma, the mechanical marvel will hopefully have a better performance than some of the earlier public appearances. "Honda says it is giving the Detroit Symphony Orchestra a gift of more than $1 million to create The Power of Dreams Music Education Fund. The fund is intended to help the Detroit Public Schools, which has suffered from severe cost constraints that have hurt the district's ability to provide music education, offer students the opportunity to learn to play instruments, read music, and participate in bands or orchestras."
The Internet

Another Web-Based Game Targeting Casual Gamers Launches 79 is reporting that Mytopia, another casual-gaming network, has launched into public-beta. More than just a regular game with virtual rewards, Mytopia encourages exchanging points for real-world prizes like iTunes or Amazon certificates. "Since Mytopia is centered on "classic games," the offering--Sudoku, chess, backgammon, hearts, spades, dominoes, bingo, and poker--is a bit of a yawn, though the company has said new games will be added on a monthly basis. On the flip side, the familiarity of those games may be a draw to players who don't want to learn a whole new set of rules. Indeed, Mytopia is targeting a thoroughly non-"gamer" demographic."

Submission + - Democrats blocking permenant ban on Net Tax ( 1

slashkossucks writes: Net neutrality? How about the ban on taxing internet access? For 10 years now, Americans have enjoyed tax free access to the internet. None of the annoying fees and surcharges that are all-too-familiar with telephone bills are allowed. However, this ban is about to expire, and the consumer is the one who will pay the price if it does. Senator McCain and other Republicans would like to re-instate the ban, making it permanent. But Democrats are blocking this effort. Shame on them. And shame on Slashdot for covering it up.
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Journal Journal: OMG

Dear Diary,
Today I sold $136 worth of consumer audio equipment to Bob "I sucked dick for coke" Sagat.

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Journal Journal: i'm thinking of something DEEP

so like, i was thinking about this shit about how like, my girlfriedd, she really loses me ,. i love her too. like, we listen to Boards of Canada together and stuff. so like, that must be good, right?


I HATE4 HER!!!!@



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Journal Journal: discontent

I want to be able to do everything at all times and be everything to everybody. I forget that it's impossible. If I make music, I should be doing homework. If I'm doing homework, I should be getting drunk. If I'm getting drunk I should be reading a book. If I'm reading a book I should be making music. It can be frustrating at times.

I need to take breaks.

But I feel good.

"Conversion, fastidious Goddess, loves blood better than brick, and feasts most subtly on the human will." -- Virginia Woolf, "Mrs. Dalloway"