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Comment I've seen nothing but Bizarro World from them (Score 1) 29

Bush and Christie hitting one-time Senator Rubio out on lack of experience when Bush's Texas governor brother took the white house in peacetime with a balanced budget and in a boom and left with two wars, the worst economy since the Great Depression, and history's largest deficit. Then a one term Illinois Senator took that and is leaving office with low unemployment, a lower deficit, and a good economy. They're nuts.

Not that Rubio is any more sane.

Comment Re:Because f--- logic (Score 1) 634

Ever been to vegas? Ever seen six or more black come up in a row at a roulette table? The odds are even lower for that to happen but I see it all the time.

"But, but, but roulette wheels are spinning all the time and there are multiple tables! You'll see it way more often!"

True, as opposed to coin tosses which only existed here, right? It's not that rare of an event, just shitty luck for Bernie.

Comment Re:Probability (Score 2) 634

The interval in time doesn't matter in terms of how unlikely it is to happen. One in sixty four times is the fundamental measurement here. Using that to determine the length of time on average it happens isn't useful or relevant. Especially considering that it's more likely to have happened at least once than not happen at all after 43 attempts. Basically the smart money is to bet that it will happen again within 172 years not your 250. And if we're going to make all the assumptions you made, our country is over 172 years old so this seems like we were due to me.
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Journal Journal: The Muse 1

If this is mangled, go here.
I received a strange note, made of cut up magazines pasted to paper and slipped under my door. It read “Your muse has been kidnapped. If you want her back, meet under the Facebook Street Bridge after dark. Bring your wallet, passport, and an umbrella.”
Crap, my muse was gone? I looked, and sure enough it was missing. It's r

Comment Re:Mesh who's the backbone? (Score 3, Informative) 90

They have two links to the backbone. The agreement you sign for that type of a hookup is not going to be the same as consumer internet access agreements. They are pretty explicitly creating an ISP. Every ISP is hooked up somewhere to the backbone as well, so you can't say "oh they hooked up to the backbone therefore they aren't allowed to provide internet services". That doesn't follow at all. The novelty of this is the network. They are installing wireless routers to create a mesh network that will facilitate communication inside the network and everything else goes in and out of the backbone hookup. This is different from the physical infrastructure required by running cables and setting up towers because presumably they are in unregulated EM spectrum with small devices for the regular nodes. It's easy for them to expand the network cheaply and don't have issues with getting approval from the municipal government.

Comment Well, (Score 1) 3

I've found it varies by site and machine, and often seems random. I have a little Acer laptop with a meg of memory and a big HP notebook with four megs. Most sites give me no problem, but often I can't listen to KSHE on the acer because their player's advertisers suck. I've had to pull the battery to get it unlocked.

Even the big notebook has all its memory used up sometimes and slows to a crawl. It looks to me that Firefox has a problem freeing up unused memory until you shut the browser down.

Comment Re:Heh (Score 1) 15

In 1952 the polls said that the election was "too close to call". A computer (with less power than a Hallmark card) pegged it as an Eisenhower landslide. The pollsters were very wrong then.

I don't get polled, because I don't answer unknown phone numbers. I wonder how many more like me there are?

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Journal Journal: Wierd Planet

I doubt the magazines will want this and I haven't given you guys any new stories for months. Since slashdot won't fix its text mangler I've posted it here.

Comment Re:The one thing I can be sure of (Score 1) 15

,,,the trend in my lifetime of every president being less honest and worse for the country than the previous one will continue.

What alternate reality are you from? Clinton was FAR better than the Bush that came before him. Turned the Republican deficit into a budget surplus, took office in a recession and left in a boom. Alquaida bombed the WTC and the bombers are in prison. Crime went way down.

Yes, Bush II (Shrub) was worse than Clinton and may have been the worst President in history. He took office during a boom and left us with the worst economy since the great depression. Started two wars (Every Republican President after Ford got us into a war, no Democrat after Johnson has). Took the Clinton surplus and turned it into the worst deficit in history. Oil man Bush started his term with gas at $1.00 a gallon, nearly five bucks when the recession hit. His idiotic foray into Iraq started ISIL (ISIL started in an American-run Iraqui prison during Bush years).

How can you possibly believe that Obama is worse than Shrub? The Bush Great Recession is pretty much over, gasoline is back under two bucks, Osama is dead. We'd have universal health care by now were it not for Republicans. WTF have you been smoking??

Comment Re:Yup (Score 1) 5

Cool cred? Don't you mean "hellishly cold cred"? ;)

As long as Canada has Rush, Canada is cool.

Comment Re:Nothing to discuss. Web apps are always inferio (Score 2) 90

You can't possibly believe that. Do you have an application on your computer for every website? Why not? Don't your arguments hold up there as well? Web apps designed for mobile can be just as good as native in almost every situation, sometimes better. My vision isn't so hot so I like to zoom and stuff. Some web apps don't let you do that, but I don't know of any mobile apps that allow that. With the ability to use local storage and manifests for storing web content locally like it's an "app" that updates itself when it opens if it can. You can access everything even when you aren't connected to the network if that's your use case in this situation. Web apps can open the camera and interact with it, you can use GPS, you can do pretty much everything except looking at your phone's data which I don't want them doing anyway and they could get similar information from Facebook or Google if I wanted them to do so. You want it to look native? Device recognition will work for that. The myth that native always is better isn't true. Can it be better? Sure. Will it be? Probably not because it takes more effort as a developer, new versions of the app have a longer deployment time because of the application store, and the audience will be smaller as well so there is less incentive for a company to pour resources in to the app. Plus you have to develop 2 different versions of the app or ignore half the possible users. In summary, the slight edge native has on capabilities lives in a small space that most "apps" (native or web) won't use, and making the thing work as well natively as it does in the browser is harder, so most developers or teams won't get that far let alone going beyond the web experience. Finally, maintenance and agility are a pain in the ass so a native user will always have to wait longer for there usually inferior experience.

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