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Comment: Well, I know what I would do (Score 1) 426

by smc13 (#16785261) Attached to: Choosing Your Next Programming Job — Perl Or .NET?
You have a choice between driving 120 miles (or moving I guess) to work at a perl shop for a 20% bump at a small company or a 66% bump at a large company coding .net.

What I do off work is much more important than what I do at work. With the 66% pay increase I would have much more money to have fun with and have much more money to invest and retire earlier. Big Companies tend to be more stable then small companies so there is less risk involved. Having a 66% pay increase means you can demand more at your next job if you decide to leave that one. So earlier retirement, more spending money, and future higher salaries at the .net job.

Also, a 4 hour commute is nuts (I assume 2 hours each way). That doesn't give you much time after work to do things and means you have to get up way earlier. What I do when I am not at work is much more important then what I do while I work. The less time I am at work and the less time I commute, the better. Of course you could move. Do you like where you live or do you want to move?

To me, work isn't for fun. The purpose of work is to earn money so I can have fun. Don't get me wrong, I like my job and we have great benefits, but, it's still work.

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