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Submission + - Congress wants to spy on your internet (rt.com) 2

smash writes: "Taking a leaf from Steven Conroy's book, the US congress wants to spy on its citizens internet usage under the premise of going after child pornographers. But of course everyone else's browsing will be under surveillance as well. Won't somebody think of the children?"

Submission + - What if the internet was turned off? 4

" rel="nofollow">smash writes: "With recent actions by the government in egypt to turn the internet off in the face of revolution, what would you lose if access to the internet was turned off? With everything moving to IP (voip, video, online banking, e-mail, news delivery, internet radio, etc) just how stranded would you be if it was to all be turned off?"
The Internet

Submission + - Internet Explorer 9 released (microsoft.com)

smash writes: "Whether you hate IE or not, the good news is that IE9 final is finally out. With newer Microsoft produts (eg, Sharepoint 2010, FOPE, etc.) dropping IE6 support the availability of an IE that is finally at least somewhat standards compliant and with improved performance is surely a good thing."

Submission + - internet explorer 9 beta is out (beautyoftheweb.com)

" rel="nofollow">smash writes: "Internet Explorer 9 beta was just released into the wild, bringing a first real test-drive of vastly improved standards compliance and an accelerated rendering pipeline to those stuck in environments that include software that mandates internet explorer. Whilst its not ever likely to be a slashdot crowd favorite, improved standards compliance can't be a bad thing."

Submission + - how to market music, by trent reznor (howtodestroyangels.com)

smash writes: "How to Destroy Angels is a new band featuring Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame. The first EP is available as a free MP3 download, 2 dollar upgrade for downloadable high-def, or free with any other merchandise purchase. Given that the distribution cost for the album is pretty close to free, the pricing seems fair. Is this the future distribution model for entertainment media? How can traditional publishers expect to charge physical media distribution prices for digital downloads, when any artist can set themselves up to distribute via the internet like this?"

Submission + - $40k per URL for aussie web filter (broowery.com)

smash writes: "After several years of debate and electioneering, some statistics on the Australian national web filtering effort have been disclosed. Apparently, the typical Aussie web surfer is 70 times more likely to win the national lotto than stumble across a blocked page. Additionally, despite the claim that the main aim of the filter is to block child pornography, only 313 of the 977 total sites blocked is on the basis of child porn. At $40m AU so far in taxpayers funds, the cost so far is around $40,900 per blocked URL. Government efficiency at work..."

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