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by smash (#47882787) Attached to: The State of ZFS On Linux
Just accept that you need to add (or replace) disks 2 at a time (mirror VDEVs), and move on. Unless you're dealing with > 20-30 drives, I'd suggest that RAIDZn is a poor choice. Also, the way writes work, making massive raid groups with large numbers of drives in them (i.e., adding another drive to a RAID5, like you would with BTRFS) is a bad idea. Parity RAID In general is a bad idea. Capacity is cheap, performance is not. Parity raid sucks for performance.

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by smash (#47882745) Attached to: The State of ZFS On Linux

Yup. Most people's expansion difficulties are due to retarded pool configurations. If you accept that 1. disk is cheap and 2. mirrors, whilst expensive in terms of disk capacity are way better performance and more flexible, zfs rocks.

People seem to have it stuck in their head that bigger RAID numbers are better, but RAIDZ/RAIDZ2/RAIDZ3 are only really useful when you're dealing with HUGE numbers of disks and performance is not so important. Normally you're far better off creating a larger number of VDEV mirrors, both in terms of performance and in terms of flexibility.

Which brings up another point - those not used to dealing with enterprise storage may not realize that you can/should/maybe want an array with more than one RAID group in it. They end up putting all their disks in one big VDEV which sucks for performance and flexibility, then blame ZFS for not being flexible.

Read how it works, don't make retarded choices based on ignorance, and you'll be fine.

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CPU and RAM overhead is not "required". If you want to do things like in-line de-dupe, sure. If you use retarded ways of setting up your pools, then sure, expandability sucks.

The rules aren't "wierd", they are just different. The big mistake people make with ZFS is diving into it without reading any of the documentation on the assumption that they know what they're doing because they've used other filesystems before.

Don't do that. Have run ZFS for years, it's awesome.

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Media slant - beware. Russians will likely tell you that this is because the humanitarian aid convoy they sent got attacked. Presumably, they are sending more supplies and defending them this time.

Which version is true? Probably the truth is somewhere in the middle. Both sides use propaganda in any confrontation - not just "the bad guys".

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OS X is a lot more than a Window manager. The fact that Linux people tend to think they can replicate what OS X is, by building a window manager that looks similar is pretty much representative of the problem. No one bothers to design any of the platform to build things on. Cocoa is massive and full featured. It provides everything you need to build applications, and is used pervasively throughout the system.

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