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Comment: Smart cameras with neural networks (Score 1) 143

by smartsight (#29501505) Attached to: Video Surveillance System That Reasons Like a Human
This is much the same concept as recently presented at ICDSC-2009 in the paper "Abnormal Motion Detection in a Real-time Smart Camera System", based on real-time video analytics and artificial neural networks to autonomously build a model of what is considered normal behavior, subsequently flagging outliers as possible events that require further (human) scrutiny. Thus it acts as an intelligent self-learning classifier/filter that greatly reduces the information stream per camera for human operators.

+ - Get High-Quality Audio From Your PC

Submitted by audiophile
audiophile (666) writes "Just because it's a PC doesn't mean it can't output good-sounding audio. In the same vein as specialty A/V products, you can find PC-based A/V systems with extensive audio processing and step-up performance specifications, including Signal-to-Noise ratio, which can make a significant difference when using the analog outputs. Media center manufacturer Niveus shares tips for getting high-quality audio from a PC."

+ - A simple Audio-game

Submitted by
Nelson writes "I wrote a simple audio-game based in a free source code that helps explain the concept of Seeing with sound.
Are there any audio-games you like? Wouldn't it be nice if someone with no visual impairments learns to "see with sound" just for the fun of it? It would be very nice for (video)games. There's a videp clip showing how the game is played (with eyes closed, please enable sound) and the source code is available."

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