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+ - HDTV requires software update - LG in strife

Submitted by smallstepforman
smallstepforman (121366) writes "Well, not only do we have to deal with patch Tuesday to download Operating System bug fixes, now our embedded devices like TV's and toasters will require regular patches to operate. According to The Age newspaper, Tens of thousands of LG customers will require a software upgrade for their TV sets, after the company identified the cause of a mystery software glitch that is causing them to freeze spontaneously. The problem seems to be in LG's implementation of the DVB standard. Broadcasters can optionally encrypt the stream to prevent copying. Channel Nine seem to have turned this on for some of their programming. This is causing problems with LG tuners. LG have more information about the software update here."
Operating Systems

+ - The tale of a developers quest for sanity.

Submitted by
smallstepforman writes "The Yarra engine was designed to be a cross platform C++ gaming engine, using OpenGL for 3D graphics and OpenAL for positional sound. Unlike existing engines, Yarra was primarily designed to allow dynamic adding of programmable objects to a scene graph with handlers to control game flow. This design doesn't suite a majority of software out there, but works great for games. But the article isn't about Yarra, it's about the developers personal experiences working with Windows, MacOSX and BeOS. The article discusses the pro's and con's of each environment, and give sa very subjective opinion about the merits of each."

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