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by smallfries (#46684417) Attached to: Fifty Years Ago IBM 'Bet the Company' On the 360 Series Mainframe

I was going to mod you up as I once had to study COBOL for exams, a long time a go. But then I clicked on your hidden replies and my, oh my. I had to reply instead to say that you really have attracted one of the most virulent trolls that I've ever seen on slashdot. You should get some kind of flair next to your username or something.

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If you are tired from working too hard then your body can recharge. Taking a weekend completely away from work can bring you back to normal. If your levels of exhaustion get worse then it can take longer. When a complete two-week break from work cannot undo the damage and bring you back to a normal level it is a sign that your body has adapted to a new level of normal.

I'm not sure that there is a real difference between burn out and depression. They probably overlap to some extent and share symptoms. I think that depression is caused by a lack of serotonin in the brain (hence SSRIs as an effective treatment). Burn out is caused by an inability to produce any more adrenaline; living in a state of constant stress has affected the bodies ability to produce it on demand and caused some kind of adaptation to its effects.

There are tests for determining stress levels in the run-up to burn-out that measure cortisone levels in the blood. Too high above base level can indicate the presence of too much stress. After burn out the levels collapse to below a normal base-line.

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Because most of the commands accept modifiers, e.g. 10dd to remove 10 lines of text, or }d to delete the rest of the paragraph. Because more complex commands are multiple keystrokes what you suggest would involve typing while holding down the ctrl key - it is easier to hit a key once to enter/exit the mode. For selecting text in vim you can do shift-v and then then select a text range with the cursor keys (or any other movement command).

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The GP's confusion is probably due to the relationship between throughput and latency. Intel's designs have one cycle of latency for basic arithmetic operations (add, sub, xor etc), but they can despatch multiple operations per cycle. The Core 2 was the last chip that I looked at in detail and from memory it could execute three basic instructions per cycle with a one cycle latency. On benchmarks this looks like 1/3 cycle per 64-bit operation. The previous chip that I looked at from Intel (which was not a Core design so I guess it was a late P4 design) could do two basic instructions with a one cycle latency so it looked like a 1/2 cycle operation. But all of these operations were 64-bit, I've never seen a 64-bit design from Intel that used 32-bit operations internally.

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One that is clear, however, is that most mathematicians have no fscking clue what the word "obvious" means. There are some brilliant, dead authors that I would love to punch in the face.


I think that they know exactly what it means, but that you are confusing it with the non-technical meaning. In maths it generally means "I have managed to work this out, and I suspect that you will be able to (eventually) without my help. If you cannot, that I presume that you are an idiot and that you do not deserve my help". Contrast the meaning with the technical use of non-obvious: "Oh fuck, we're boned".

In general you should treat obvious things with care, and only skip past the trivial.

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It's not particularly hard to fix: spin the viewpoint around the country. For the southern forecast a view from across the channel (pretty much what it is now). For Scotland spin round to viewing from the north, Wales from the west etc. This then has the benefit that whatever region is being discussed takes up most of the screen and the rest of the UK drops away in perspective.

Whoever they outsourced to is not just less smart that they think they are. They have gone full-retard.

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I'm not sure if Science is phrenology by another name, but they certainly look similar at your level of detail:

a) Part of the task under study is definitely linguistic
b) No effort has been made to separate this linguistic part from the rest of the task
c) The study has not produced evidence because of a validity threat: namely the confounding factor that the task has been presented in a linguistic form.

I wouldn't want the terminology to get in the way of the original point: the task has been phrased in textual form, areas of the brain used in text recognition lit up, the researchers concluded that programming was the same as language skills. Their conclusion was bogus because presenting a non-programming task to the participants would have provoked the same response if it was done in written form. Obviously this would be impossible to fix in the study design.... without replicating the results on a non-textual experiment, such as a graphical language.

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