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Comment: Re:Midrange? (Score 1) 111

I'm using an Asus PB287Q with a GTX970. It sits on the boundary, so Elite Dangerous and Wolfenstein are comfortable in 4k. Far Cry and Metro need to drop to 2560x1440 to hit 50-60fps. Anything under 40fps is unplayable on this combo, not so much to do with looking bad, it feels like the input lag jumps below that rate.

The monitor looks alright at 1440p, a little soft and washed out but still better than my previous monitors in their native modes. In 4k the picture is unbelievable. At this size and sitting about 50cm from the screen it has a cinematic feel, but 1080p is painful to watch.

Comment: Re:Families (Score 1) 218

I can't quote directly as my phone is playing up, but is the evidence really that clear cut? I found three studies that claimed the opposite: famous controversial one from the 80s, a Canadian one from the 90s and a later American one. I also remember that when we were finding a place for our child there were specific guidelines limiting hours per week at different ages to prevent developmental problems.

Comment: Re: SimCity 2000 available for free (Score 1) 393

by smallfries (#48819993) Attached to: Is 'SimCity' Homelessness a Bug Or a Feature?

If I was would that provide a connection between your comment and mine?
If I was not would that provide a connection between your comment and mine?

Is the issue of origin taking information without asking for it related to my comment in any way, or was it specifically about the previous poster doing exactly the thing that he claimed was wrong?

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