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Comment Headline Failure (Score 2) 141

Come on people. This has the potential to be legend... ary. What a complete failure.

Even just form a quick punt we could glimpse such lyrical word play as:
"Lightning strike inside Cloud"
"Cloud damaged by lightning"
"Cloud not lightning-proof"

Please read the fucking Register until you gets it.

Comment Re:But this is California, so of course it's stupi (Score 1) 135

I know that peanuts are not technically nuts but I still find it funny.

Only because you don't understand food processing & allergies. Food processed on machinery used for nuts needs to be labelled, even if the food contains no nuts whatsoever.

It's only because he has a sense of humour. It's a common mistake to get the two confused. When in doubt remember: correlation does not imply causation.

Comment Re:But this is California, so of course it's stupi (Score 4, Insightful) 135

People do not respond to constant reminders - they blank them out as irrelevant background noise. As such they are then more useless than appropriate warnings. As an example: there are no foods in the UK that are not labeled "may contain traces of nuts".

Comment Re:Limits of storage / human perception (Score 1) 109

18" is about the distance that pixels become indistinguishable on a 28" screen, well very roughly. I'd say around 60cm for me. On a 55" in a desktop I would use a viewing distance of 1m (40"?) roughly, so not quite view filling but close enough that it would involve a bit of head motion and windows near the bottom may as well be a different workspace from those at the top.

Comment Re:Limits of storage / human perception (Score 1) 109

I reckon that you're mostly right, up to an order of magnitude. I'd poke at the details a little bit though. For desktop work I'd happily replace multiple screens with a 55" panel. 4k is not enough for that scenario, although 8k probably is, and I would guess that 16k would be redundant. For less detailed use, movies/games a 100" screen would be better, but the target resolution is basically the same.

No idea how it works for VR but there doesn't seem to be much point trying it until it gets better than the 4k 28" screen on my desk. At some point soon we have basically topped out for resolution because of the reasons that you state. Sound can improve - but again we are close to there. 160k mp3s only became low quality when I bought some decent quality headphones, but they don't seem to be that far off.

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