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Comment: Worst summary ever (Score 5, Informative) 55

by smallfries (#49725275) Attached to: Swedish Court Orders Seizure of Pirate Bay Domains

The domains have not been seized from the Pirate Bay. The domains have been seized from Fredrik Neij because his property was forfeit after his earlier loss in court.

After two years the court refused to agree that the actions of the Pirate Bay should lead to the seizure of the domains, and instead a shortcut has been found to grab them by another means.

Comment: Re:Mac/Linux support removed... mildly surprised (Score 1) 227

Why 10%?

I own a windows box for gaming, and use macs / linux for work. Many PCs sit in offices, or are owned by people who like Facebook but do not play games. Where do market share estimates come from for new gaming hardware? Surely it is not the installed base of each platform, because the platform is sold into many market segments, and most of them have zero probability of buying new gaming hardware.

Just curious, I know the steam survey samples active gamers, but steam is still over-representative of the windows games in their catalogues. Who actually estimates numbers for the sizes of windows, linux and mac gamers?

Comment: Re:Is MojoKid shilling for HotHardware allowed by (Score 1) 72

by smallfries (#49704349) Attached to: A Look At GTA V PC Performance and Image Quality At 4K

Unless things have changed the editors used to mash together submissions. If there were a range of submissions on one topic (GTA V in 4k), then the submission text would get rewritten to include links to most of the sites that you list. If it was a more esoteric story then the submission from one person would be used raw.

Performance figures for one resolution in one game is a bit lightweight and sketchy. Combination of nobody else cared and a slow news day? Never attribute malice to the actions of slashdot editors that can be explained by simple incompetence.

Comment: Re:Sociopath (Score 5, Interesting) 170

This just shows that you don't know what the word means. I've know a couple of real sociopaths over a lifetime, and they were mean, manipulative, vindictive arseholes. One thing that they were not, was violent. They preferred to destroy people in more lasting and important ways than a few bruises. The closest everyday concept that mcuttatches the condition is evil.

Most blokes like burning off steam though. Not all of them, some are more shy retiring delicate types such as yourself. But for most men, regardless of whether they end up in the ivory towers of academia or cutting blocks in a yard, physical contact is normal. Success tends to correlate with the ability to control it and project it on demand. That's why we see sports as being a good outlet for it. I've known surprising number of martial artists in academia, they were all very straight forward about why they did it: they like punching things.

Comment: Re:Deadmans Switch (Score 4, Informative) 288

by smallfries (#49622031) Attached to: USBKill Transforms a Thumb Drive Into an "Anti-Forensic" Device

No. A deadman' switch is an idea that has been around in analogue fail-safe systems for a long time. It is typically a device that you have to hold onto in order to keep the machine running. What you describe is one software implementation of that idea, but the GP is correct that this is another.

Comment: Re:The real question here (Score 1) 185

by smallfries (#49584351) Attached to: How One Tweet Wiped $8bn Off Twitter's Value

This depends on the type of mortgage that you buy. Deals where the lender front loads the interest payments are typically fixed-rate, fixed-term, products. At the other end of the spectrum are interest-only deals with overpayments. In those your bill is however much you owe on the outstanding loan at this this months interest rate, with any payment over that level paying off the debt. Inbetween there are many types of hybrid product.

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