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Comment Re: Good example (Score 1) 345

doesn't even need screws; my Samsung Galaxy S4 has a couple small indentations around the edges to pull the back off. it just basically snaps on. add to that (anecdotally, from what I see) that most people keep their phone in some sort of case. even with the user-changeable battery on the S4 the phone is small enough that I just feel more comfortable holding and using it in a case; at 6' and 180 lbs I'm not a particularly large person, and the standard Otter Box seems to beef up the phone enough to be comfortable to use and still small enough for a pocket.

Comment Re:DNA testing of waste? (Score 1) 177

in my neighbourhood, those "unseen areas" tend to be my garden, where i grow my food. i keep my cats leashed when they're outside and i wish everyone else would have the same courtesy. there was a woman on the news earlier this summer complaining that whenever she let her cat out it came home with a patch of fur shaved off. she couldn't seem to wrap her head around the idea that this would stop happening if she stopped letting her cat roam free around town.

Comment Re:No compelling evidence? (Score 1) 663

you can do the ketosis bit without the starvation bit if you drop carbs to 50-100g/day (or even lower if you can will your way through it, they're pretty much non-essential). I seem to fall into the same camp as you and the other child post; I did very well with ketosis the first time, got lazy with the diet, and have more issues with adherence on subsequent runs. so is the way of the carb...

Comment Re:No compelling evidence? (Score 1) 663

but just quitting food is a terrible idea for health. the idea to rectify obesity is to lose adipose tissue in a controlled manner while maintaining lean mass and a healthy overall body. of course you will lose "weight" if you just stop eating food (or restricting calorie intake too heavily), but you'll lose a not-insignificant bit of lean mass along the way as your body tries desperately to deal with the new starvation condition, which likely means storing everything it can as fat while simultaneously catabolizing muscle tissue. if you want to do an experiment for yourself to see how, for example, the source of the calories can change the way in which they're metabolized, try cutting out all grains and simple carbs and replacing them calorie-for-calorie with good fats (not seed oils) and you'll more than likely find that your "weight" (specifically body fat) will drop even though calorie intake stays roughly equal.

Comment Re:A more accurate summary might be: (Score 1) 192

xp was released in 2001. mainline support ended in 2009 and extended support ended over a year ago. sure, they need to insure critical systems stay online but they've known for the better part of a decade that this day was coming. it's maybe "only" nine million dollars, but it's a nine million dollar bandaid on an issue that they'll still need to address in the near future.

Comment Re:The trick... (Score 3, Insightful) 246

...if Williams had been advertising "Learn to lie to the FBI during the background check for a job in the Bureau"...

that's actually what happened. he was contacted for his services by two undercover feds claiming they wanted to apply for federal gov't jobs; one said he'd slept with underage girls and the other said he'd smuggled drugs across the u.s. border. both wanted to beat a polygraph for the fed jobs (and told him as much) and he helped them both.

Comment Re:The solution is obvious (Score 1) 579

So here's what we're actually dealing with. Google maintains the Android Open Source Project, or AOSP. Every handset manufacturer uses this as a base for their own "distribution". The only distributions that Google actually builds are for their own branded handsets and tablets (the Nexus line). All of the other handset manufacturers build their own distribution(s) for their hardware, which effectively makes them the OS vendor for that hardware. It's analogous to other situations in open source software, where, for example, the kernel is developed and maintained by one group, but the individual distributions' maintainers (Debian, Ubuntu, etc) will package/build the kernel for their own distros and release it through their own repositories (ie when I run apt-get on an Ubuntu machine I'm pulling updates from Ubuntu and not, for example, from

This leads to situations like the current one, where the updates have been rolled into new versions (in this case you upgrade 4.3 to 4.4.x) but not every vendor has chosen to build and distribute these newer versions to their customers; Google is no more able to push these updates than the maintainers are of pushing new kernels onto your Slackware machine.

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