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Comment: Re:There goes the market (Score 2, Interesting) 213

by slumberheart (#30752344) Attached to: Nintendo Wii To Get Netflix Streaming

I like my Roku--I've got one of the fancy XR's. I got the PS3 disc, but I have yet to bother going and setting it all up because the Roku already does almost everything what I need it to without sounding like every movie was filmed on the deck of an aircraft carrier.
If Roku would deliver on letting me browse all their movies and add them to my queue, I'll never use my PS3 for Netflix.

Comment: The buffet analogy (Score 1) 591

by slumberheart (#27717855) Attached to: Time Warner Shutting Off Austin Accounts For Heavy Usage

I keep seeing TW's 'unlimited' claim compared to all-you-can-eat restaurants' similar advertisements, but I don't think any of you have ever seen your brothers get kicked out of a Cici's for eating too much for too long, or heard similar stories from your dad about his brothers decades earlier.

Comment: Re:Left out a few languages.... (Score 1) 844

by slumberheart (#26146259) Attached to: If Programming Languages Were Religions


Out of the thinning mists and the cloud of strange incenses filed twin columns of giant black slaves with loin-cloths of iridescent silk. Upon their heads were strapped vast helmet-like torches of glittering metal, from which the fragrance of obscure balsams spread in fumous spirals. In their right hands were crystal wands whose tips were carven into leering chimaeras, while their left hands grasped long thin silver trumpets which they blew in turn. Armlets and anklets of gold they had, and between each pair of anklets stretched a golden chain that held its wearer to a sober gait. That they were true black men of earth's dreamland was at once apparent, but it seemed less likely that their rites and costumes were wholly things of our earth. Ten feet from Carter the columns stopped, and as they did so each trumpet flew abruptly to its bearer's thick lips. Wild and ecstatic was the blast that followed, and wilder still the cry that chorused just after from dark throats somehow made shrill by strange artifice.

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