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modding versus replying

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  • If I agree overall, I'll usually mod to promote it.

    If I want to add another distinct point, I'll usually reply as I think that's more important. There will be enough other people to mod it up if it's good. After all, if everybody just mods instead of expanding on good points, then what more is slashdot than the top level comments in the tree?

    Generally, I don't negatively mod anything except gnaa spam and stuff like that.

  • Given the essential borkenness (stolen from a Frenchman who thought it sounded better than "broken"--or maybe he was just too easily amused), it seems rather a moot topic. My basic feeling is that moderation, especially negatively moderation, is mostly abused by people who find it easier than thinking. Initially moderation was a rather good idea, but it naturally devolved into a game, and now the 'winning' players are pretty much running /. into the ground, and hard.

    Waste of breath and typestrokes, but I th

    • by shanen (462549)

      Oh yeah, about the original question. It is basically answered as a side effect of the first step of rationalizing the dimensions. You should be able to reply to any thread that you haven't given a negative mod to. We already know that negative moderation is easier than thinking, so they might as well make it official.

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