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Comment cameras and physical privacy (Score 1) 111

When I read the title I was thinking of cameras and such - until I read all the cyberprivacy stuff.
It seems to apply to that too.
Since poor people need to go through public places to get to food stores, private, they need to go through 2 sets of cameras.
"You have no expection of privacy in public," and, "It's private so they can do whatever they want," statements are used.

A poor person can't hire someone else and must go themselves and hence be caught on camera.

Comment Re:Games with Negotiation and Variety (Score 1) 155

I was lucky I read this topic early enough.
I actually got RC because I am related to Defoe.
I do like the game though.
There's a significant amount of random so it'sn't Euro
But much of that can be removed.
The Co-op part is good; as is the many scenarios.
Unfortunately not many people know about it.

Comment what exactly is a bitcoin (Score 1) 115

Is a bitcoin a number?
Perhaps a bunch of other site that agree you "own" them. ??
Is it a pyramid scheme - earlier mining gets more coins?

If I started my own eCoin what kind of thing would the algorithm or whatever do?
No I am not going to, I have moe constructive things to do.

Comment Re:Even if true (Score 1) 490

Now first I do agree that Booth was a patriot; I mean he was a good actor.
I also agree with him, and appearently you, that Lincoln was a tyrant.
I even think that he was one of the worst presidents.
Everything he did was either immoral or illegal.
IMHO it would be better if there were 2 Americas.

Now why do you ignore ALL opinions of anyone who disagrees with you on one idea.

Comment why homework (Score 1) 278

Why do we need homework anyways?
Is it because the teachers are lazy?
Because the school day is not long enough?

What, other than school, needs some sort of homework?
Most jobs don't.

Like most /.ers I am smarter than more.
I often, even in elementary, did it the following morning.
Once I even waited 'til studyhall a few hours before class to do it; how did that particular HW help me?
I liked that I overheard someone else saying they didn't even collect it.

Comment geneforge (Score 2) 669

I just played Geneforge 1 again, this time with a guardian, though only on tricky diff - 3/4. :(
I play "mini games" from a guy named Simon Tatham.
He just reprogrammed older games he didn't invent.

I don't play MMPORGS or whatever.
I have installed Civ4 but didn't play it for a few months.
I also got Braid and Witcher from Steam.

I am not playing as much since I am programming as well.

Comment Re:Boggle: how did he think that would HELP? (Score 1) 1431

re: your sig
You do know that the "..." part is important too?
The second one paraphrases, "to the states" meaning that the state can illegalize it and make it not, "to the people."
It's not just fed or people.

Of course all this is moot depending to what Congress and the courts say.

Comment Re:I am schizo-affective (Score 1) 218

I have Asperbergs(sp), sorry "DSM5:high functioning autism", and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
I doubt I can be much help but maybe some of your programming ideas might be interesting to me.

Do I have to treat you like a human; can I treat you like a robot instead? :D

Comment Re:Rule of Law (Score 1) 462

OK tell me when the shootin' and killin' is going to occur and I will be there at your side.
Well after you personally shoot to kill at someone.

I am not holding my breath.

Otherwise those are just words you are saying and no actions.
The millions of people aren't going to fight.

Comment Re:A reality for some of you... (Score 1) 337

Personally I think that the sheriff there is one of the most evil people in America.
If you take his power into consideration then he is more evil than everyone else by far, even putting Bush into the lot.
I feel sorry for you for being in the area of the hating, bigoted person and especially for begin unusally punished by him.

You will lose an important tape file.