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Comment: Similar thign happening n the UK (Score 5, Interesting) 280

by slot32 (#13111558) Attached to: Linux Desktops in New Zealand Schools
There's a big underswell push for Linux in schools happening around the UK too...

Times Educational Suppliment ran it a few weeks ago. You needed the paper version for the full article but this is a good summary and primer:

Now... Can everyone who has kids in the UK start asking the teachers about this at their next school visit?

It's a pretty well known fact that if you TEACH *CHILDREN* to use Linux and not Windows from the start, it will filter up through the years and (with any luck) become the system of choice in the home too... Then the last 'bastion' will be industry... and with 1000's of up and coming children leaving schools with skills fully developed in Linux, the old excuse of 'training' kinda starts working against Microsoft. 'Cause none of the kids use it (nor want to). It's the same trick Microsoft used (Free O/S etc for schools).

Hope I haven't failed to explain in enough detail all of this, and you can all 'join the dots' and see where this might be going.

So... Start hassling your teachers NOW. I personally *am* getting involved in a new school to get all their computers on Linux from the start. When it opens in September.

If you're *serious* about wanting to see a less monopolostic computing environment, but don't know where you should put your effort in to help... This is the place... IMO

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