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Comment: Re:Oh no, not a flag!!!! (Score 2, Insightful) 622

by slmouradian (#25844363) Attached to: AP Suspends DoD Over Altered US Army Photo
but you need to draw the line somewhere. If adding 'just a flag' is allowed, then why not adding 'just a gun' or 'just a document'. You have to draw the line somewhere. Plus, once an image is edited, it is no longer a photograph as it does no longer simply capture a moment in time.

Unix Dict/grep Solves Left-Side-of-Keyboard Puzzle 423

Posted by timothy
from the mysteries-of-the-ages dept.
destinyland writes "For decades, people have been asking this brain teaser: 'What's the longest word you can type with only the left-hand letters on a keyboard?' The answer is supposed to be 'stewardesses,' but grepping the standard dictionary that ships with Unix reveals a much better answer. There's nearly 2,000 shorter words that can typed with only the left hand — including one word that's even longer. (The article also quotes a failed novel attempt using nothing but words typed on the keyboard's left side.)"

Comment: Re:Silent, I don't think so (Score 1) 176

by slmouradian (#25834259) Attached to: MIT and NASA Designing Silent Aircraft
2m is enough to come up with a conceptual design that 'works'. They'll use this money to work on technologies that will make such an aircraft feasible. For the actual manufacture, you'd need a budget in excess of 40 million USD. As for 'silent', it is a relative term, and does in fact mean 'quieter'. This can be done by simply steering the noise into a direction where no one can hear it (up?) and by improving the aerodynamic performance of the aircraft.

How many NASA managers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? "That's a known problem... don't worry about it."