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Comment: Re:Wat? (Score 2) 23 23

Stores information and processes it in the same place? You mean like every other computer ever?

Well, no. I didn't RTFA because I'm not new here, but ordinary computers have to copy the data from memory into a register before they can process it. They don't process it in-place. And most data is not kept in memory all the time, either, but I figured they meant the first sense.

Comment: Re:Well... (Score 1) 266 266

It does but it isn't always practical to use it.

If all your users do is create and edit files then sure you can use the --update flag and omit the --delete flag making the rsync operation a lot safer.

but if your users are more active that is not so practical. Assuming this storage is used as a work area by developers they are likely to be doing things like deleting files and sometimes even deleting files and replacing them with a copy of an older file (for example deleting a dirty copy of a source tree and replacing it with a clean one). So to copy all the changes you need to use rsync in a far more agressive mode without the --update flag and with the --delete flag.

It was probablly a mistake to put the agressive rsync in a cronjob, it would almost certainly have sufficed to use a less agressive rsync in the cronjob and only use the agressive one manually for the final sync but I can see how someone inexperianced would fail to think of that.

It was also of-course a mistake not to defuse the old server when decomissioning it. Ideally by BOTH disabling the cronjobs and disabling the credentials that allow the decomissioend server to talk to the active servers.


Comment: Re:PID FTW (Score 1) 77 77

I don't see how a PID controller will help much.

It helped him win.

You are cooking with very low temperature air (around 200 F).

Yes, temperature control is what PID is used for in this context.

You have this massive ceramic cooker with large heat capacity.

No, I'm not talking about TFA, I'm talking about every other BBQ. Anyway you can buy a PID fan controller as a complete unit and stick it up your Weber's arse.

The most important thing for good BBQ is picking a good cut of meat. Do that right and you can throw it in your oven and it will be delicious.

That's not even BBQ.

Comment: Re:"Edge" (Score 1) 71 71

They wanted a name starting with "E", to keep a stylized blue "e" as an icon. Given that Windows 10 windows are essentially frameless, the browser viewing area is edge-to-edge, hence "Edge".

Then I think "Microsoft E" would have been a better name, invoking the drug that you'd have to be high on to want to use that browser.

Comment: Re:No way in hell (Score 1) 71 71

So fuck him, and fuck his browser. And fuck his company.

Oh, I'm with you. I learned long ago with Microsoft that you use what parts work, jettison the rest. It's actually taught me a good lesson about technology: Never fall in love with a company. Also, when it comes to technology, "ABS": Always Be Suspicious.

Comment: "Edge" (Score 2) 71 71

Who comes up with these idiotic names? Why not "Microsoft Nail" or "Microsoft Lance" or "Microsoft Thing That Penetrates"?

"Microsoft Edge" is a very '90s name to my ears, but maybe it's just the fact that I've been sitting on the porch drinking, eating barbecue and watching fireworks for the past several hours. But Microsoft was never really good at names, although I did once have a three-legged dog named "Clippy" (that's actually true).

When someone says "I want a programming language in which I need only say what I wish done," give him a lollipop.