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Comment Re:It's IBM's fault. Everyone copied the PC. (Score 1) 576 576

I still remap it to control. It's the only proper use of that key. ...

I tend to hit it when I go for the A-key so I've always simply remapped it to also be an A-key, or if I tend to hit both keys (depends on the keyboard) map it to do absolutely nothing.

Comment Software Priesthood (Score 1) 337 337

The whole thrust of ESR's Cathedral and the Bazaar essay...

You're about 30 years late WRT your reference. When I said "back in the day"...

I first saw the term "software priesthood" in print in Byte magazine -- it was 1976, I think. It was already in play among those of us who had already been programming for a while, and even more so among certain sectors of management.

Comment Re:Well, sure, but... (Score 2) 200 200

Look, there is no denying of the impact grains had on the development of civilization.

But on the other hand what AC said is also true. I went through the whole thing - a decade of suffering until I was told to stop eating grains. I am not gluten intolerant or something like that. Now, the story of course is way more complicated than it sounds. Why could I eat grains for 30 years and then suddenly I could not? My gut flora is terribly out of balance. What caused it? According to the medics I did not give them [gut bugs of all kinds] enough job by always eating stuff that gets processed in the small intestine. Too much sugar. Too much easy carbs in general [grain]. So, If I want to be healthy and productive at the moment grains are forbidden. Every few weeks I experiment once a day to see if I can process them again. So far the result is negative [one year on the diet]. This makes my life very difficult and expensive, but there it is...

Last point - once I started paying attention to all this and talk to people I discovered that almost anyone around me is in a certain stage of the downwind spiral of imbalanced gut. People do not realize that the feeling of tiredness, too much gas, bloated gut, compromised immune system, joint pain and god knows what else can be traced to the performance of their guts [60% of immune system response is from the gut]. Whether it is eating too much carbs, or too much E numbers, or toxic metals or lack of minerals in food due to accelerated growth practices, too much sugar ...ect. all those things push a bit until your system is out of balance and you are fucked. That is why I am in principle against even more experimenting with food - we already have many bad practices and many bad habits. The natural food pyramid has easy carbs at the top [least available]; the food habits of the modern civilization has the piramyd inverted [mortal fear from fats;extremely stupid idea BTW and carbs, carbs, carbs..].

Don't forget that stomach cancer is on the rise consistently in the developed world and that regions in the world who are adopting the western food habits experience increase in obesity, diabetes and cancer. It really is like this - ATM the Arab world, China, Latin America - they are all on the rise.

Comment Re:Will Edge be ported to Windows 7? (Score 0) 202 202

I fricking HATED Windows 8/8.1 with a fiery passion but I hate to say it WAS better than 10, why? Have you LOOKED at the fricking EULA for Windows 10? The datamining is fricking insane, it makes Google look like fricking privacy lovers by comparison!

I knew when they said it was "free" there would have to be a catch, but I figured it'd be another ham handed attempt to push Windows other products but daaayyum, if you don't spend the first hour removing apps and turning shit off you might as well just send all your data straight to fricking MSFT!

Comment Re:everything old is new again? (Score 1) 77 77

In the vicinity of the 0.35 micron node, GaAs starts to lose its speed advantage over silicon in digital circuits. That was Vitesse's smallest process, after which they stopped making new GaAs CMOS. They've lost immense amounts of money since then and became essentially worthless. In April of this year Microsemi acquired the pathetic remains.

Comment Personal Expreience (Score 2) 40 40

Complete Adrenalectomy.

Done at 7AM on Monday went home noon on Tuesday afternoon. Nothing but Tylonel, pain free by Wed morning. Dr. said less than a cup of blood was lost.

Now I have 5 cool looking, little holes that I tell people were gunshot wounds.

He used a Da Vinci robot.

Alternative was open surgery, complete with a 6 inch incision and a week in the hospital.

Comment Re:What goes around, comes around (Score 1) 77 77

GaAs has a better match to the visible spectrum than Si (not much IR response in GaAs due to the larger bandgap). This was valuable particularly for film cameras, as common films were not IR sensitive.

The response speed of silicon is plenty fast. Prior to the use of silicon, cadmium sulfide and cadmium selenide (IIRC) were used in light meters, and their method of operation was much different from silicon photodiodes. CdS was used as a bulk photoresistor, and due to inherent multiplication properties was much more sensitive than silicon. The disadvantages were that the multiplication process made the devices slow, and shoddy design and manufacturing techniques caused the devices to degrade and become useless after a couple of decades.

Comment Re:Well, sure, but... (Score 1) 200 200

That's cute. You think that actual benefits of GMOs mean anything to the people listening to all the FUD that gets spread about them.

And you think that hiding the foods' provenance is the way to make people stop believing the FUD? That's very interesting.

Because when someone tells me I'm not allowed to know something about a product I'm buying, it immediately endears me to the company hiding the information.

Comment Surplus (Score 1) 200 200

We're collectively producing more rice than we eat. Japan is stockpiling unused rice every year, and the world markets are flooded with cheap rice. Food insufficiency (starvation, malnutrition) is currently a problem of resource allocation, not production.

At the same time, the consumers in the big rice consuming countries aren't eating just "rice". You can typically find many dozens of very specific breeds of rice with differences in flavour, texture, firmness, size and so on. And that's within a single type (Japonica, say).

I suspect this would only be useful for rice grown for feed or as an industrial crop. But for feed, source of starch and so on there are already other, well entrenched crops available, so I don't see much of a practical impact of this development.

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