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Comment Re:Fuck You, Experian (Score 1) 159

Are there ANY US mobile providers ... which are not total fucks?


There are only varying degrees of total fuckishness and, as far as I can tell, T-Mobile is the best of the bunch. Maybe you can find a trustworthy local MVNO, but even then most of the money you pay them will still be supporting one of the big 4.

Comment Re:WTF does that mean? (Score 2) 222

Just because CBC was the victim of CNN's fraudulent relicensing, it doesn't relieve them of all liability. Even if they stopped using the video within the 10 days, it would still be copyright infringement since the license they bought wasn't valid. The fact that they did continue to use it just means a willful infringement case is much more likely to be successful.

Comment symmetric read/write (Score 1) 61

Symmetric read/write at 5.5GB/s would be better, but as it is, it would still be quite an upgrade from my current RAID0 array. I'm only getting ~700-800MB/s sequential with four 10krpm SAS drives right now. Of course one of these SSDs will probably cost 5-10x more than a set of those spinning drives. So price/performance really isn't that great of a deal.

Comment Re:My Pet Peeves (recent Windows laptop keyboards) (Score 1) 698

1. CapsLock. Grr.

Not having it would be worse. Nearly all engineering drawing (as well as some additional technical writing) standards require the use of all caps to minimize ambiguity. In those cases holding down the shift key is ridiculous.

2. The numeric keypad on 15" laptops. Why? Why?! Why?!!

Because some professions require typing in numbers efficiently? The toggle on number pad layout using letters doesn't work since the keys aren't properly aligned.

3. But please bring back full-size Page Up/Down keys (with maybe a shift action to Begin/End).

This I can somewhat agree with. Though, it usually isn't a problem on full size keyboards.

Comment Re:Here's the problem... (Score 1) 391

How about the people themselves? If we actually taught people how to handle money responsibly in school, then they wouldn't be living paycheck to paycheck and could afford to spend a few months learning a new trade when their current job gets automated or outsourced. Also if we taught critical thinking skills, they might be able to see that their job is at risk and start to take some precautions ahead of time.

There is plenty of work left to be done. We just need to make sure that everyone has access to the tools they will need to prepare themselves for the work that will be necessary in the future.

Comment Re:Why nobody cares about Zune (Score 1) 300

There's also the option of using Google or Apple's streaming services. They'll host all of your music and stream it to you for free so it doesn't have to take up all of your storage space. If you want the ability to listen offline as well, you can just select the songs or playlists you want to keep locally on the phone and they'll auto-sync in the background.

Comment Re:Never Ever Trust managers or the company. (Score 1) 583

I don't disagree in general, but you should never treat your management like they are untrustworthy. That will only guarantee an adversarial relationship.

There are good managers out there who will actually work with you to balance your best interests with those of the company. Loyalty to them will often be rewarded.

Comment Re:No Comment (Score 1) 107

This wasn't supposed to be an interview with a senior executive. A "Chief Engineer" should be the person responsible for making all of the critical technical decisions for the product line, not a PR suit. The whole point of these interviews is to have a frank/open discussion between an expert on the technical aspects of a product and the relatively tech savvy and intelligent people who frequent /.

Instead we get this. Lame.

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