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Comment: Jump on a LEAP chair! (Score 1) 742

by sleeves (#23773103) Attached to: Best Chair For Desktop Coding?
I was lucky enough to get a LEAP chair at work.. and a year later, I went out an bought one for my home office (I work from home 2-3 days a week now). For me, it gives more solid support than an Aeron, has all the adjustments I need, and is just a solid, comfortable chair for long days in front of a computer. Highly recommended.

+ - Newfound Planet Has Earth-Like Orbit->

Submitted by
Raver32 writes "The new planet, spotted using the Hobby-Eberly Telescope at the McDonald Observatory in West Texas, circles its bloated parent star every 360 days and is located about 300 light-years away, in the constellation Perseus. The red giant star is twice as massive and about 10 times larger than the sun. Its planet is about the size of Jupiter or larger and was discovered using the so-called wobble technique, in which astronomers look for slight wiggles in a star's motion created by the gravitational tug of orbiting planets. The discovery could help astronomers understand what will happen to our sun's brood of planets when it exhausts its store of hydrogen fuel and its outer envelope begins to swell. When that happens in an estimated 5 billion years, our sun will be so big that it will engulf the inner planets and most likely Earth. But long before that happens, life on our planet will have perished and its seas will have boiled away."
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