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Comment: The canonical best household router is (Score 1) 427

by tigersha (#47636189) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Life Beyond the WRT54G Series?

One example of too-much-integration I have. My edge router (Deutsche Telekom, Germany, some Fritzbox variant) has integrated modem, WAP and switch. Despite the fact that my entire house is wired with CAT6 and I have a patch panel and rack in the cellar my WAP/Router/Switch box is physically constrained by the point the phone line comes into the house, and by the room's geometry. The problem is that, from there, the WiFi reception is very spotty in some places, most notably my favourite bench in the kitchen where I like to browse the days news on my iPad early in the morning with coffee before the kids wake up.

Since I can't split the devices I had to buy another WAP to get reasonable reception in the kitchen cause that is a major use-case for me.


Comment: Re:It's not NIMBY, it's VECTOR (Score 1) 409

A biocontainment ward in a hospital DOES have a special toilet, and they DO disinfect basically everything the whole time, up to incinerating things.

One of the prime reasons medical care is so expensive is that you can't re-use lots of things, you have to destroy them.

Comment: Re:Vaccine is coming (Score 1) 409

> do not trust doctors and hospitals (for a good reason I think)\

Ehm, what good reasons do people have not to trust doctors and hospitals??!!

I lived in South Africa for many years and know a lot of doctors there. One of them said that lots of blacks die because they go to the doctors and hospitals too late because they do not trust them. By the time they arrive they are half dead already because of what the which doctors told them to do. Not very helpful.

And then their families do not trust the hospitals either because all their relatives die there!

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